Nail Art Inspiration | 15 Micro Nail Trends to Know Now

From Crayola-inspired brights to graphic accent nails, there are TONS of cool nail art designs and funky colours filling our feeds and taking over our saved posts at the moment. But the question is – which design do you take to the nail salon?!

Looking for new ways to up your mani game? We’ve got you gal! Stay with us as we explore 15 micro nail trends that may not be on your feed right now, but certainly will be soon.

#1 Girly Meets Grunge

Smileys are emerging as one of the biggest— and quite frankly the funkiest —micro nail trends of this year. We are so into this cool mashup.

nail art inspiration


#2 Dotty But Different

Gone are the neutral colours and basic shades of a polka dot nail.

funky nail art

@getnailed_bb via @scratchmagazine

#3 French Tip Mashup

Embracing all of the fundamentals of the timeless French mani, we can’t get enough of this effortlessly cool-girl look.

nail art guide

@sophie_murraayy wearing Thomas Sabo

#4 Full Picasso Mode

If you like it, go for it. There’s nothing cooler than using your nails as an actual blank canvas and we are loving this moon and sun masterpiece.

funky nails

@nails.bygeorge via @nailsbyyagalstudio

#5 Wibbly Wobbly

Mint green? Yes. Immaculate line work? Yes. The Coach bag as a prop? Chef’s kiss.

nail art picture


#6 Barely There

How to look cool without really trying 101. We’ve seen a few of these simple yet effective nudey-dreams popping up amongst our fave influencers lately.

#7 Cool-Girl Marble

Welcome back marble! The perfect way to inject some colour into your summer manicure, we’re SO into this tonal set.

nail art


#8 Zebra Print

Zebra’s?! Again?! You best believe it. A certi classic, we’re going to be seeing plenty of takes on zebra really soon.

zebra nail art



#9 Mocha

Brown has already had a moment in our wardrobes, so it makes perfect sense that it’s made it onto our mani’s too.

nail guide



#10 Ditsy

Into it. Look at these ditsy daisy cuties.

#11 60’s Swirls

Vintage! – So adorable. @heartzeena sure knows how to do a mani.

nail art inspiration



#12 Line Work

We seriously can’t get over these. Negative space nudes mixed with perfect nail beds and line work is what we like to see.

nail guide


#13 Cherry Baby

A riot of ditsy fruits and candy hues are heading our way. Y2K we’re not through with you.

cherry nail art



#14 Simply Does it

Perfect for those who can’t decide, can you really go wrong with a clear polish? 

nail art inspo


#15 Anything Goes

I’ll take one of each, please! Feeling bold and/or indecisive? This micro trend is for you. 

funky nail art



Words by Ciara Martin. Featured image @libsfaulk.

Ciara Martin

Ciara Martin

Writer and expert