Introducing The Exclusive Barbie X Núnoo Collaboration | Q&A

Forever one of our favourites, Copenhagen-based brand Núnoo always provides us with the ultimate Scandi-girl styles. But, this Spring they have set the bar, teaming up with the iconic, Barbie and we could not be more excited. In line with our ethos, the campaign promotes self-love and kindness, inspiring you to have confidence in your own personal style.

Barbie x Nunoo

Combining the best of Núnoo and Barbie for an unrivalled party-girl capsule collection, we joined the founders of Núnoo, Pia and Naja, to get the latest on the exclusive launch. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know…

#1 Please tell us about the exciting new collaboration?

We are so happy to announce the new collaboration of Barbie x Núnoo. This is a huge thing to us which we are so excited to share with you. Barbie is an iconic brand and we feel honoured to be working with them. The collection is amazing and we are over the moon with how it has all turned out. 

#2 What was the inspiration for Núnoo x Barbie?

The inspiration behind the collection is Barbie goes to Copenhagen. Copenhagen is such an important city to us because Núnoo is based in this amazing city and we love the idea that Barbie goes on a bike and enjoys the things we love to do. 

Barbie X Nunoo

#3 Can you talk us through the collection?

This Barbie x Núnoo collection is all about the bags and we are so happy that Barbie gets the chance to wear the Helena bag because that is one of our most loved styles. In the collection there is a lot of glitter and shine, we thought it was important to have these party styles that you can wear when you are going out in Copenhagen.

There is much fun and so much pink in this beautiful collection!

#4 What’s your personal favourite from the collection and why?

Naja: One of my favourites is the small honey with crystals because it adds a special sparkle to your outfit. I also love the small bike charms on some of the bags, it’s super personal to me because I always ride my bike around Copenhagen. 

Pia: If I had to choose a favourite, it would definitely be the phone bag which is a cross-body style in pink. I always have my phone with me so it is just essential! 

Barbie X Nunoo

If you want to know more about Nunoo, scroll to see the most asked questions…

#6 How sustainable are Núnoo?

Sustainability is high on the agenda for Núnoo as they’re committed to making their bags as ethical as possible. All the leather used for their bags is leftover from the meat industry and no real fur is ever used by the brand. But going beyond the material, Nunoo donates to a number of global projects including providing financial support to an orphanage and education in India. Back home in Copenhagen, Nunoo uses 100% sustainable energy so you can rest assured that your new bag is aesthetic and ethical. 

#7 What does Núnoo mean?

 Núnoo is Naja´s (Núnoo designer) nickname. We started the brand and always thought it should be a personal brand, we put our life and soul into it, as well our name. Núnoo means “the smell of a baby” in Greenlandic, our mom is from Greenland. We both love this name. 

#8 What’s Núnoo’s story?

Núnoo is only 7 years old. We wanted to make one cool bag which was not too expensive, we thought that the IT bags can be accessible to everyone. We made the Alimakka bag, with the two pockets and it slowly became a major hit in Denmark. We build the business organically and we are so proud to be independent and present in more than 17 countries and 400 shops.

#9 What’s Núnoo’s personality?

Núnoo is your favourite girlfriend, she loves fashion and of course Barbie, and is fun, outgoing, honest and sexy.

#10 Barbie X Núnoo Size Guide


Helena Barbie X Nunoo

For the Barbie X Núnoo collection the Helena bag has had a complete facelift coming in a hot pink and black style. Complete with Barbie detailing such as pink bike charms, these are the perfect cross-body styles to take you through summer.


Honey Barbie X Nunoo

The standout crystal Honey style made from recycled nylon and iced with diamante embellishment is the party-girl favourite, perfect for night or day this style has got everyone talking. However, if you’re more of a laid back style, the baby pink Honey style with chain detailing offers a cooler, contemporary option for your wardrobe.

Phone Bag & Airpod Case

Barbie X Nunoo phone bag

It doesn’t get much cuter than the phone case and AirPods case, in the complimentary Barbie colours. Perfect for summer strolls, office days and girls’ lunches, the phone bag has a built-in card wallet so you really have got all of your essentials with you at all times.

#11 The Núnoo Size Guide



11cm X 18cm X 4cm

Arguably their most popular style, the Helena is a perfect take on the mini bag trend. Big enough for your card, keys and phone but small enough to leave you feeling light, we take ours to brunch, nights out and light-packing shopping trips. Here on MyBag we even have an exclusive Helena style in metallic lilac, only available to shop right here.


Honey Nunoo

12.5cm x 18cm x 7.5cm or 16cm x 24cm x 11cm

Honey is the newest member of the Nunoo collection; coming in two sizes for day and night. Honey is a fashionable and classic croc handbag with two rooms to hold all of your belongings. This beloved bag is already making its move across social media with everyone loving it for its chain detailing and flap closure.


21cm X 31cm X 10cm

Designed just like the Helena, but bigger. With plenty of room for all your essentials, plus your IPad or even a small laptop, we’re taking our Mia bag to any meetings or carrying it on a rainy day to fit in an umbrella.



14cm X 17cm X 7cm

For fans of more minimalist accessories, look to the Brenda. Mini and compact like the Helena but with fewer details, making for a chic and simple finish. Fitting only the essentials, this could be your new go-to evening bag.




34cm X 34cm X 1cm

New to the Nunoo range, their essential tote is fully vegan. Made of eco-plastic with a cotton lining, it’ll keep your things protected and your outfit looking good. Throw everything in there, there’s plenty of room.


A pink Ellie Nunoo bag


16cm X 24cm X 10cm 

Ellie is another great option for city days and commuting mornings in a slightly bigger, slouchy style. However, we’d avoid the Ellie bag on rainy days as it comes in suede, faux fur, and nylon, adding fresh textures into the collection.




20cm X 35cm X 6cm

Nunoo’s answer to the clutch bag trend, the Saki is a new style for the brand. With a distinctive rounded shape and pleated design, the Saki is a great change-up from the typical formal bag, adding a little edge with its shape and metal chain. 


The bobby bag is a squarer shape with a firm handle to get held and a shoulder option. Perfect for taking you from day to night it comes in unique croc and pillow styles.


Written by Holly Thompson


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