How To Nail Italian Style With Furla

You hear a lot about Parisian style, but lately, our eyes have been settling further afield to Italy, dreaming of al fresco dining and bike rides a la Call Me By Your Name. From Milan fashion week to the leather bag we clutch lovingly, Italy has given us some of the best fashion must-haves, including one of our top brands; FurlaA brand built on its Italian heritage, Furla is all about using high-quality Italian leather to create timeless yet creative styles that perfectly match the Italian lifestyle and cool girl vibe we’re all trying to get. Helping you on your way, here’s how to nail Italian style with Furla. 

Furla Bag


Everything you need to know about Furla

#1 Where are Furla bags made?

Furla bags are proudly made in Italy. A vital part of their brand DNA, the Italian brand stays true to traditional craftsmanship and uses the country’s finest leather to create the luxury Italian quality the fashion world loves.

#2 Are Furla bags real leather?

Yes! Furla bags are made using the finest leather as the brand began its history back in the 1930s as a leather company. After launching their first handbags in the 1970s, the brand only uses high quality, real leather.

#3 Are Furla bags luxury?

Italian leather is considered to be the finest leather around, known for its luxurious butter-soft texture. This paired with Furla’s Italian craftsmanship, and traditional processes, these bags are the ultimate luxury accessory. Full of heritage and made with the best materials out there, Furla bags have definitely earned their position within the luxury bag world.

How to nail Italian style

  • Capsule wardrobe
  • Staple bags
  • Shades are a must
  • Be bold
  • Shop Italian
  • Know what you like

#1 Create a capsule wardrobe

You’ll rarely see an Italian it-girl in more than 3 or 4 items. Layering isn’t their thing, instead opting for a small capsule wardrobe of hero pieces that will last a lifestyle and can be paired with almost everything. Similar to Parisian dressing, Italian style is all about investment. Beautiful dresses, perfectly fitting denim, chic jackets; buy high quality, wear-forever pieces and then don’t overcrowd them, sticking to simple outfit formulas with no added fuss. 


#2 Staple bags 

Take a look at the street style from Milan Fashion Week and you’ll see a sea of beautiful leather bags. As the mecca of leather craftsmanship, Italian women are far less likely to get involved with bag trends, refusing to swap their beloved leather companion for any wicker basket or canvas micro bag. It’s no secret that Italians love labels and they’re willing to invest a fair amount for the perfect daily bag, caring mostly about quality and practicality. Summarising these needs, it’s no surprise Furla bags are a firm favourite, using the highest quality Italian leather to create handbags that will last forever and look great from day to night. For a prime example, look towards the Furla Metropolis baga crossbody bag small enough for the bar but big enough to hold the daily essentials of your phone and purse. Or if you’re after something roomier for your commute, we love the sleek Furla drawstring bag.  

#3 Shades are a must 

Chic sunnies are the ultimate must-have of Italian style. Whether they’re on the beach or wandering the city in spring, Italian women are rarely seen without their sunglasses, in their signature shape perfectly picked to suit their face. Similar to their bags, Italians usually stick to classic styles, think aviators or glamorous cat eyes. The most important thing is to consider your face and the style that’s going to be the most flattering and wearable to you, then invest in a quality pair to see you through the summer and beyond.  

#4 Be bold 

While Italians look for staple pieces, that doesn’t mean they shy away from maximalism. The key thing that separates Parisian dressing and Italian style is that Italians will go all-in when it comes to colour, print and texture.  They’re all about bold printed co-orders, clashing textures and pops of colour, dressing with confidence and fun in mind. Trying to adopt some of that spirit? How about swapping out your black day-to-day bag for a pop of colour? Try topping off simple outfits with a bold red Furla crossbody bag, or a colourful shoe. Remember, when you’re buying investment pieces, they don’t have to be boring black or neutrals, shopping better doesn’t mean shopping boring, have fun with it! 

#5 Shop Italian 

It may be an obvious one, but the best way to dress Italian is to buy Italian. Coming from a country that’s given so much to the fashion world, Italian women are proud of their heritage and so naturally are seen sporting Italian brands a lot including favourites like Furla handbagsThey know Italian style better than anyone, being infused with years of history, heritage and inspiration and creating some of the best elevated basics around that the Italian cool girls love.  

#6 Know what suits you and what you like 

The key ingredient for Italian style is confidence. Italian women dress for empowerment, knowing what looks suit on their body, what flatters them, and most importantly, what they love to wear. Whether that’s a mini skirt or jeans, or even just an accessory like a handbag or hoop earrings that you always feel great with, know what makes you feel great and treat it like a uniform. Once you’ve figured out what you love and look great in, then you can start having fun and playing around with new trending prints and colours to update the look and add into the mix.  


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