An Introduction to Kate Spade

If you’re a regular here, then you may have already noticed the exciting brand mix we are welcoming to MyBag. Our buyers work tirelessly to match brands that represent our fun-loving attitude to luxury accessorising, and we try to show off our curated collection as having something for everybody!

This season we welcome kate spade new york to MyBag in all its glory, and alongside its launch we’re here to tell you a little bit about it because, honestly, it’s just really lovely to know!


With its humble beginnings back in 1993, former accessories editor at Mademoiselle, Kate Brosnahan Spade set out to design the perfect handbag. With a debut collection featuring just six silhouettes, Kate combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and a colour dominant palette in a way that was the first of its kind. Thus, kate spade new york was born.

Fashion Editors and their readers alike fell for the fresh new design perspective and with a new-found sensibility kate spade new york forged a path for accessorising the modern woman, launching its first store just a few years later in 1996 in New York City. It’s trademark wit and graphic approach caused excitement amongst women of the time, and became shorthand for a brand recognisable the world over.

The Modern Take on Kate

Fast track to the noughties and Kate Spade quickly became the global phenomenon it is today, adopting a new President and Chief Creative Officer. The brand’s values stayed the same, and with a new CEO at the helm the pair expanded the offering at kate spade new york to include everything from jewellery to clothing, whilst maintaining and honouring the aims of the original designer and the iconic brand history.

Now the brand is known as a global lifestyle brand which employs the ethos of colourful living. Including everything from its original handbags, to jewellery, bedding and stationery, all making perfect gifts or investments for oneself.

Here & Now

Celebrating their 25th anniversary earlier this year, kate spade new york maintains its brand values, and we are more than ready to join them. Its ethos of a spirited approach, commitment to curiosity and passion for sharing their colourful world with whoever wants to be a part of it, is still what shapes all that is kate spade new york.

The Collection

At MyBag we’ve hand-picked our favourite kate spade new york  pieces for you this season.We’re excited for the return of the Sam bag, updated in deep burgundy luxe suede with leather tassel bow.

The collection also showcases Primrose Yellow, Blazer Blue and Heirloom Red which are perfectly on-trend for the upcoming Winer months.

But it doesn’t stop at bags, with a wide selection of bridal accessories and stationery, get ready to live colourfully as we step in to AW18 with kate spade new york.


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By Alex Neilson-Clark and Olivia Seed

Alex Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark

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