Black Friday and Cyber Monday | What’s the Difference?

If you like most people, are already thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday we don’t blame you! More than ever we are looking to scoop up those offers and save ourselves some pennies through the gifting period. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have certainly evolved over the years, with different brands taking different approaches. But what is the actual difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

the difference between black friday and cyber monday


Black Friday was originally an American retail offering that here in the UK we quickly followed in toe. The main difference initially between Cyber Monday and Black Friday was the type of shopping. Black Friday was primarily all the offers that were in store. Cyber Monday was always the following Monday after the weekend when the offers would be online. 

Secondly, whilst Black Friday sales used to be rather general, so for example your tech products, kitchen appliances. Cyber Monday deals are frequently targeted at fashion lovers. Cyber Monday used to be designer handbags, designer accessories and other luxury pieces, whereas Black Friday deals are considerably more widespread and generic. 

what is the difference between black friday and cyber monday


The last difference is that Black Friday in terms of popularity is still more widespread than Cyber Monday. Black Friday sales are usually higher than those on Cyber Monday, but that is because you have been so efficient you are all shopped out. 

As we all know times have changed and since the global pandemic, the majority of our shopping is done online so the differences are less apparent. You will also notice that retailers will run promotions throughout the lead-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday so if you are on the hunt for something in particular you might want to get it earlier in the week. 

There are also world events this year to be mindful of The World Cup takes place over the same weekend, so if you’re family or partner are busy watching football, this is the perfect time for you to get in some shopping. Subscribe to our email for all the latest offers throughout the week and find exclusive offers across our social channels. 


Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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