Justin Bieber Hates Everyone (And Other Tinseltown Dramas This Week)

In a world full of stresses, a little celebrity gossip never hurt anyone – and this week has been full of A-list drama. MyBag casts an eye over the trials and tribulations of Tinseltown, and offers some decidedly questionable agony-aunt advice to the celebs in peril. Take a look at what’s been happening in Hollywood below…

Justin Bieber hates everyone in the UK, storms off the stage, throws a strop


Recently, Justin Bieber has been channelling his inner sulky teenager (and conveniently forgetting his proclamations of starting a new, chaos-free chapter. Oops). He’s spent the week seriously upsetting the majority of the UK on his Purpose world tour by generally being a bit of a Debbie Downer: telling the crowd to stop cheering, informing Manchester they “couldn’t handle him” and storming off mid-set. Yes, Justin: it is too late to say sorry.

MyBag says: “Hide your face from the disgruntled fans with some designer sunnies, and wait for everything to blow over.”


Cheryl Cole’s Instagram gets hacked, she’s divorced in 14 seconds, and she has to give her ring back. #drama


Cheryl is having a bit of a bizarre few days. Firstly, her divorce is finalised in a pretty astonishing 14 seconds; then she’s asked by ex-hubby Jean-Bernard to return the £275k diamond ring that he gave her. You know, the one that proves his “unfailing, unconditional love”. Awkward.

To make matters worse, in the last few hours her Instagram got a bit of a Satanic makeover: #CyberWolfGang uploaded several dark images to her profile, with equally as disturbing captions. Eek…

MyBag says: “Cheryl, your ring from Jean-Bernard is overrated. We think these pieces are much nicer…”


50 Cent gives X Factor’s Honey G a thumbs up


Whilst we’re still somewhat convinced that the rise of Honey G is all down to a really elaborate dare (“I dare you to go on the X Factor. And you have to wear a shell suit every week, and just shout your stage name into a microphone over and over again until your performance is over.” “Consider it done”), we’re still fascinated by the weekly antics of the North Weezy rapper. Whilst she’s got a considerable amount of criticism from the public, 50 Cent has declared Honey G to be “entertaining” and that she “is bringing some happiness into the world”. If she’s good enough for Fiddy, she’s good enough for us.

MyBag says: “Honey G’s trademark baseball cap won’t keep her warm in the winter – she needs something a little cosier.”


Perrie Edwards (and her dogs) were homeless when she split from Zayn Malik


Thanks to the girl-power anthem Shout Out to my Ex and the release of Little Mix’s tell-all autobiography, the Zayn-Perrie split was thrown back into the limelight this week. According to Perrie, she had nowhere to live once Zayn dumped her by text (ouch), so ended up moving into a friend’s guest cottage with her dogs in tow.

MyBag says: “If you’re living out of a holdall à la Perrie, make sure it’s a stylish one…”


Taylor Swift has recorded a cover of “This Is What You Came For” *confusion all round*


As breakups go, the Talor/Calvin one was pretty brutal. He claimed that all hell broke loose once they split: she moved on with Tom Hiddleston less than a month after they parted ways. After the very public spat regarding Taylor’s involvement Calvin’s song “This Is What You Came For”, the last thing we thought we’d ever see was Swifty – belting out the lyrics to said song – at one of her concerts. The internet has promptly exploded with speculation and theories, and we’re firmly rooting for a reunion. T4C4EVA.

MyBag says: “Taylor slays at the lipstick game, just not the relationship game. We love her statement red lip (but not her boyfriends).”


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