Our Guide to LWG | What is LWG & Brands to Know

We are in no state of denial when it comes to our handbag obsessions, however, we want our investments to not only be good for our wardrobe but also the planet. As we re-evaluate our impact and shift towards conscious consumption, we deep-dived into what the industry and our favourite brands are doing.

With many predicted 2022 trends focusing on repurposing and product longevity, we wanted to talk about LWG. The organization responsible for the environmental certification in leather manufacturing and why the future of leather doesn’t need to be the word faux. If you have never heard of LWG, here is everything you need to know…

LWG Leather


What is LWG?

LWG stands for Leather Working Group, which is a non for profit organization, responsible for the worlds leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. The audit protocol carefully accesses the environmental performance of leather manufacturers from all over the world. Considering different factors relating to the environment, a product of tanning operations, energy managing and waste and restricted substances. It provides companies and brands with the recognition that witnesses their commitment to sustainable production and systematic management of quality, environment, safety and ethics.

If your product has an LWG certificate it means the brand will be looking at initiatives such as 100% green energy consumption, efficient products such as location, no use of prohibited chemicals that harm humans and the planet, biodegradable research and testing on collections.

Why is LWG is important?

LWG is securing the future of leather as we know it. It means we do not all have to opt for vegan, synthetic or faux products if we want to be sustainably conscious. This certificate means the leather will be a byproduct, traceable and sustainable. In a recent study by FILK Freiberg Institute, they compared leather to other bio-based alternative materials and they found that leather still outperformed in all nine technical performance tests.

LWG Leather


What brands are using LWG leather?

We are starting to see more and more brands using LWF leather in their collections, but for this season these are the two to know.

#1 Nunoo

Scandi favourite Nunoo is the ultimate go-to brand for its cool shapes and everyday sizes. With bags that are perfect for day or night, their collections are always uplifting and give you a designer bag for a very affordable price tag. They have always been ahead with their sustainable initiatives but this gives you a leather option that you know hasn’t been harmful to the planet.

#2 See by Chloé

Known for their effortlessly sophisticated bags See by Chloé always provides forever styles. With a new collection of colours and shapes, these bags are the type you won’t take off all year. With the AW22 collection including LWG styles, See by Chloé are making buying leather bags completely guilt-free, coming soon on MyBag.


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