What’s in my student Bag? | The secret to getting through student life

Everyone knows the rule, you should never look inside a women’s handbag, probably because it’s the secret for us getting through the term. But you can count on it being a lot less glamorous on the inside than the out!

Getting us through student life, you wouldn’t believe how much you squeeze in. Here’s what you need in your student bag, from clip-on Airpod cases to cute and quirky laptop cases, keep scrolling for the must-have list…

Student bag essentials


  1. MyBag Selfie Grip- Rainbow
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    MyBag Selfie Grip- Rainbow

    Everyone has experienced the discomfort of holding your phone for too long, especially when you’re commuting or lying in bed. That is why these are possibly one of the best things ever invented. This little MyBag selfie grip makes holding your phone easier and a lot more comfortable. Simply attach it to the back of your phone and you are good to go!

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Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @styledbyhannie



Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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