Layering Jewellery Guide | Where to Start?

Layering is a trusted way to turn up the voltage on any outfit and our favourite jewellery trend right now. It can take a simple black workwear outfit and turn it into a curated show stopper. With our accessory obsession resurfacing as we enjoy our newfound freedom, we are all investing in more treasured pieces. Why not push the boat out and amp up your style credentials by layering your accessories. If you’re wondering where to start, here are some tips to get you started.  

The magic number

Hermina athens stacking necklaces


So where to start? Begin by picking out 3 of your favourite styles to build your look. 3 is a great starting point and from this, you can add or take away as you feel comfortable. This applies to bracelets, rings and necklaces

Layer by length

Wilhelmina Garcia necklaces


Especially when talking about necklaces, experiment with the lengths to find your statement look. Tip: start with the shortest and build up in length to create a balanced look.

Mix your metals

Anni Lu STacking


Whether you’re a silver lover, gold devotee, rose gold girl or enjoy a good colour pop, don’t be afraid to mix it all up… literally! By adding different colours you create depth and add interest to your overall look. 

Chunky chains with dainty details

estella bartlett jewellery

@estellabartlett @naaomiross

They compliment each other and give a more effortless look. If you want something subtle yet interesting, add a short chunky chain with a longer, thinner necklace to enhance the smaller details. It adds different focus points with each detail catching your eye. 

Add a personal touch

crystal haze


To make it personal, add something that showcases your unique style. Easy ways to do this are to add a statement piece, there are so many trends at the moment such as crystals, arty graphics and greek inspired pieces for you to choose from. Or even a sentimental necklace to make you feel your best self, a modern heirloom something you love and is completely unique to you. 

Don’t be afraid

Hermina Athens Stacking


The main thing in your layering journey is to experiment with what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to add necklaces, take them away, test out different lengths or change them up completely. Don’t overthink it, the more the merrier and the bolder the better. Just have fun and be playful!

Written by Holly Thompson


Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Writer and expert