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Designer Hair Accessories

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Complete your hair-do with the perfect hair accessory from MyBag. From top brands such as Sister Jane, Stine Goya and more, luxury hair accessories are essential to have when making your hair look the part.

Here at MyBag, we have a wide range of hair accessories to choose from, including, hair clips, headbands, bandanas, hair scrunchies and more. These hair accessories are crafted by leading designers to ensure your hair is eye-catching for any occasion.

From simply designed hair clips to intricately embellished headbands with pearls and other gems. Our collection of designer hair accessories is the perfect way to finish off your outfit, with a collection which includes a variety of colours and materials to match your outfit and help you during your bad-hair days.

Discover the perfect hair accessory at MyBag to help tame your unruly curly locks or add something unique to your short do. We cater to all hair types and want every to have that touch of luxury and sophistication.