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Designer Rings

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Discover a new way to accessorise your hands with our women's designer rings, filled with sought-after brands to elevate your jewellery collection such as Marc Jacobs, THOMAS SABO, Katie Loxton and Astrid & Miyu. Whether you prefer dainty designs or statement pieces, our designer rings are the go-to accessory option.

Available in a range of metal finishes from silver to gold-tone, as well as engraved and signet ring styles, our women's designer ring collection is diverse and caters to every occasion. Whether you prefer a dainty design from THOMAS SABO for an everyday look or have a special occasion coming up, opt for a Dome ring from Katie Loxton to add a statement.

Style your new designer rings by mixing textures and finishes by stacking smooth, polished rings with hammered or textured bands for a contrast that adds depth to your ensemble. Also, you can layer rings on different fingers to create a balanced look such as pairing a statement ring on your index ring with delicate designs on adjacent fingers.