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anna + nina

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Explore the latest in unique homeware and jewellery with our collection of anna + nina. Add a touch of personality to your home and outfits.

Founded in 2012, anna + nina are a Dutch lifestyle brand inspired by the rich colours and unique designs of Asia. Created by Anna de Lannoy Meijer and Nina Poot, they became inspired after their travels and had a passion to create out of the box, never seen before designs.

anna + nina are known for their bohemian and eclectic style that blends a mix of vintage influences, global inspirations, and contemporary design elements. Each collection is filled with its own character and inspirations that make every piece an authentic and unique find.

Our anna + nina collection features a wide range of products including jewellery and homeware. Discover a mix of statement pieces, delicate designs, and eclectic motifs, often incorporating symbols, natural elements, and precious metals.