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OMA The Label

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Explore the latest jewellery from OMA The Label, featuring a range of gold-plated pieces.

OMA The Label is a brand challenging industry standards while creating quality, staple pieces. Created by New York-based stylist Neumi Anekhe in 2018, the brand was created after Neumi saw a significant lack of representation within the fashion industry. She sought to create a brand that would provide high-quality fashion pieces as well as representation in the industry.

Born in Norway to Nigerian parents, Neumi’s pieces embrace a unique blend of Scandinavian and African influences. OMA The Label creates jewellery for women who approach their style with intentionality and mindfulness. Each piece is designed for the woman who wants fashion that makes her feel empowered and confident.

Our OMA The Label collection variety a range of jewellery pieces including earrings, necklaces and bracelets. With bold colours and minimalist designs, our OMA collection is great for special occasions, casual days, and stylish office ensembles.