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Pearl Octopuss.y

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Explore our handpicked selection of jewellery from Pearl Octopuss.y, featuring a range of organic freshwater pearl styles.

Founded in 2018, Pearl Octopuss.y, is an Oslo-based jewellery brand that celebrates all things bold and eccentric. Established by designer Cathrine Børter, she stumbled into jewellery making during maternity leave and quickly fell in love with the intricate, hands-on process.

Pear Octopuss.y aims to create pieces that are the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism. The brand values an intuitive design approach, prioritising mood and atmosphere over other aspects such as trends or seasonality. Each piece is meticulously handmade, reflecting their commitment to detail, craftsmanship, and uniqueness.

Our Pearl Octopuss.y collection features a variety of jewellery pieces including earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Whether you're after some unique pieces or looking to add some statement jewellery to your collection, there's something for everyone.