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Discover our handpicked selection of bags and accessories from BY FAR, featuring popular styles including the Amber, Maddy & Rachel styles.

BY FAR is a contemporary accessories brand that was founded by three friends, Valentina Bezuhanova, Sabina Gyosheva, and Denitsa Bumbarova, in 2016. The brand is based in Bulgaria and is known for its minimalist designs and reinventing timeless silhouettes. BY FAR initially gained popularity for its collection of handbags, but has since expanded its offerings to include sunglasses and other accessories.

Their designs are characterised by clean lines, luxurious materials, and a modern approach to classic silhouettes. The brand's handbags often feature vintage-inspired shapes, such as the '90s-inspired baguette and the '00s-inspired shoulder bag. These designs reflect BY FAR's dedication to blending nostalgic elements with contemporary aesthetics.

Our collection features a range of versatile colour options, from neutral tones to bolder hues, allowing you to find pieces that suit your style and preferences.