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Dr. Martens

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Known for their grudge aesthetic and rebellious spirit, explore our curated range of Dr. Martens' bags including backpacks and satchels.

Rising in popularity from the '60s, Dr. Martens was founded by Klaus Märtens. He was a doctor in the German army, who created a unique air-cushioned soled boot to help aid his foot recovery after a skiing injury. The Dr. Martens collection grew from their iconic boots to clothing, bags and accessories.

All made with durable craftsmanship, all Dr. Martens' bags often feature the brand's distinctive elements such as durable leather, robust hardware, and the signature yellow stitching. Aside f4om style, each bag is highly functional with multiple compartments, padded laptop sleeves (in the case of backpacks), and adjustable straps for comfort and convenience.

If you're looking for timeless additions to your bag collection, explore our Dr. Martens' bags collection today.