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The Marc Jacobs label, launched in 1984, has swiftly become one of the most coveted and well-respected brands in fashion history. With their first store opening up in Downtown New York City, they have expanded into both perfume and accessories since. 

With their tongue-in-cheek design, Marc Jacobs bags are crafted with high-quality materials to remain iconic throughout the seasons. From their teddy tote bag to the sequin leather bag, Marc Jacobs has a bag to suit every need and style. 

Full of personality and style, discover the range of Marc Jacobs purses and bags, including the iconic Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag and the exclusive Marc Jacobs Tote Bag.

Find out more with our exclusive Marc Jacobs Tote Bag guide.

About Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs use real high-quality leather when producing their designer bags, such as the iconic Marc Jacobs leather tote bag.

The most expensive Marc Jacobs bag was the Carolyn Crocodile handbag, which was worth $38,000. This creation of Marc Jacobs used exotic crocodile leather and has leather interior.

When checking if a Marc Jacobs bag is real, there are five things to look at for: Your bag comes with a Marc Jacobs dust bag. It has the Marc Jacobs brand name printed on the inside lining of the bag. The stitching of the bag is perfectly lined stitches.Finally, the zipper of the bag should use RIRI and Lampo, which both have unique features to distinguish and recognise.

Marc Jacobs, American fashion designer, is renowned for his "grunge" collection. This was credited with launching the "grunge" look of the 90's.