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Pearl Earrings

22 Results

Adding a touch of charm and style to any outfit, explore our curated collection of elegant pearl earrings from leading jewellery brands such as Tory Burch, Pearl Octopuss.y and Daisy London. From simple studs for everyday wear to statement hoop earrings for a special event, our pearl earrings collection will cater to all your desires.

Upgrade your pearl earrings collection with a range of timeless styles to choose from. Add an edgy touch to your looks with Vivienne Westwood Isla pearl studs or for a more understated look, opt for Daisy London styles that feature delicate pearl accents. For more timeless pieces, Tory Burch hoops are perfect additions to your collection.

Styling pearl earrings can elevate any look, adding a touch of refinement to everyday and formal outfits. For a timeless and elegant look, pair classic pearl studs with a little black dress or a tailored suit for a formal event. To add a hint of glamour to a casual ensemble, opt for dangling pearl earrings paired with a simple blouse and jeans. For a bohemian-inspired look, layer pearl hoop earrings with other delicate gold jewellery and a flowy maxi dress.