Black Friday VS Cyber Monday

The question on everyone's lips: what's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The amazing shopping deals don't end on Black Friday - in fact, they continue right into the next week, where Cyber Monday allows us to shop all over again!

The main difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is the mode of shopping. Whilst Black Friday sales are primarily all from in-store offers, Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, with the majority of Cyber Monday sales happening online. Time to dust off that laptop and get shopping!

Secondly, whilst Black Friday sales are rather general, Cyber Monday deals are frequently targeted at fashion lovers. Cyber Monday deals are frequently for designer handbags, designer accessories and other luxury pieces, whereas Black Friday deals are considerably more widespread and generic. A whole day dedicated to fashion? Yes please!

Finally, Cyber Monday differs from Black Friday in terms of popularity. Black Friday sales are usually higher than those on Cyber Monday, but it has been predicted that in 2015, the gap is going to close. After all, who needs an excuse to stop shopping?

Keep your eyes peeled for Cyber Monday offers guaranteed to tempt you - whether you're looking for a new designer handbag, luxury accessory or shopping for Christmas, here at MyBag, we've got Cyber Monday covered!

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