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Your Guide to Vivienne Westwood Bags & Jewellery

Hannah Needham
Writer and expert2 months ago
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Vivienne Westwood has been shaking up the fashion scene since the 1970s with its rebellious yet classic vibe. Known for its edgy designs and eco-friendly approach, their handbags and jewellery are perfect for those who love to make a statement with their style.

Join us as we explore all things Vivienne Westwood, from their brand history and most popular pieces to tips on how to style them and more.

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Popular Styles

Vivienne Westwood Bags

Vivienne Westwood bags bring together rebellious flair with their statement designs and high-quality craftsmanship. From funky clutches to practical totes and statement crossbody styles, each bag shows off the brand's punk-inspired spirit and luxury feel.


Vivienne Westwood Heart Bags

Mixing romance with rebellion, the heart bag styles feature the brand's iconic orb logo in a fun heart shape. These playful bags add a hint of whimsy to any outfit, making them a favourite among fashion lovers everywhere.


Vivienne Westwood Daisy Bucket Bags

The Daisy bucket bags bring a fun and carefree vibe with their playful daisy decorations and laid-back style. They're perfect for adding a relaxed touch to your look, whether you're out running errands or enjoying a day with friends.


Vivienne Westwood Granny Frame Purses

Vivienne Westwood granny frame purses offer a unique twist on vintage style, showcasing ornate frames and intricate detailing. These nostalgic purses add a touch of old-world charm to any outfit, making them a go-to accessory for those who love a bit of old-school flair.


Vivienne Westwood Betty Bags

Betty bags exude effortless style with their sleek design and signature orb emblem. Perfect for adding a touch of flair to any outfit, these timeless bags are a versatile accessory for any occasion.


Vivienne Westwood Cindy Cylinder Bags

The Cindy cylinder bags offer a modern twist on a classic design with their sleek cylindrical shape and bold hardware accents. These statement bags are perfect for adding an edgy touch to any outfit.


Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

Featuring edgy and stylish designs, Vivienne Westwood jewellery adds a touch of flair to any outfit. From chunky statement pieces to delicate designs, there's something for everyone to rock their unique style.



Vivienne Westwood bracelets are classic accessories that showcase the brand's rebellious vibe and unique style. Whether it's bold statement pieces or delicate chains, there's a bracelet to match any look, from casual to formal.



Vivienne Westwood earrings are stylish accessories that bring an edgy vibe to any look, featuring bold designs and unique details. Whether you're into oversized studs or dangling orbs, there's a pair of earrings to match your style and make a statement.



Vivienne Westwood necklaces elevate any outfit with their unique designs and edgy flair. Add a touch of personality to your look with a statement necklace or a timeless pendant.


Brand History

The legendary British fashion brand has a rebellious history that dates back to the 1970s. Founded by the iconic designer herself and Malcolm McLaren, the brand quickly became known for challenging the conventions of fashion and society with its bold designs and punk-inspired style. With its daring approach to fashion, Vivienne Westwood continues to inspire individuality and creativity, remaining a symbol of counterculture and self-expression in the fashion world.

Why is Vivienne Westwood so popular?

Vivienne Westwood is popular for several reasons. Firstly, Vivienne Westwood herself is a visionary designer known for her rebellious spirit and groundbreaking contributions to fashion. Her bold and unconventional designs challenge the status quo and resonate with individuals who seek to express themselves uniquely. Additionally, the brand's commitment to sustainability and social activism has garnered praise and admiration from consumers who prioritise ethical fashion.

Is Vivienne Westwood a luxury brand?

Yes, Vivienne Westwood is considered a luxury brand. The brand is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unique style, all of which are hallmarks of luxury fashion. Additionally, the brand's reputation for creativity, individuality, and couture-like designs further cements its position within the luxury fashion market.

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Is Vivienne Westwood jewellery high quality?

Vivienne Westwood jewellery is generally considered high quality. The brand is known for its attention to detail, innovative designs, and use of premium materials, all of which contribute to the durability and craftsmanship of its jewellery pieces. Their jewellery items are often crafted with precision and care, making them sought-after accessories for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate luxury and style.

What is Vivienne Westwood’s signature style?

Vivienne Westwood's signature style is characterized by its bold aesthetic, often featuring edgy designs, punk-inspired elements, and unconventional silhouettes. One of the most iconic aspects of the brand's style is the prominent use of tartan print, which adds a distinctive and rebellious edge to many collections. This blend of unique fashion and traditional British heritage has become synonymous with the Vivienne Westwood brand, making it instantly recognisable and beloved by people worldwide.

How to style Vivienne Westwood Bags?

Looking to elevate your fashion game with some Vivienne Westwood flair? Whether you're rocking a casual streetwear vibe or dressing up for a night out, discover some of our favourite outfits to give you inspiration.

#1 Retro Chic

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Pair your Cindy bag with a midi skirt, statement cardigan, and vintage-inspired accessories. Opt for classic silhouettes and bold prints to channel that timeless 70s vibe with a modern twist.

#2 Evening Glam

vivienne westwood bucket bag

Elevate your outfit with a Daisy bucket bag paired with an oversized blazer dress and statement jewellery. Opt for metallic finishes or luxurious textures to add a pop of style to your outfit.

#3 Cosy Winter Walks

vivienne westwood granny purse

Pair your Granny frame purse with a warm faux fur jacket, jeans, and stylish boots. Opt for a crossbody or tote style for practicality, allowing you to stay hands-free while enjoying the chilly weather.


By Hannah Needham

Hannah Needham
Writer and expert
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