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Discover our handpicked selection of unique bags and accessories from KENZO, including a variety of colours and materials to suit any occasion.

Founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in 1970, KENZO is a French luxury fashion house. The brand has been infusing positive energy and contagious freedom for half a century by boldly proclaiming a polychrome, daring and borderless fashion that celebrates nature and cultural diversity.

KENZO is known for its vibrant and eclectic designs, incorporating bold prints, colours, and cultural influences from around the world. Their iconic tiger motif, featuring a roaring tiger head, has become a recognizable symbol of the brand and is often featured in its collections.

Our KENZO collection features a wide range of products, including bags and accessories for women, showcasing its unique and artistic approach to fashion. Discover a range of styles including tote, crossbody, bucket and clutch bags.