Style Lessons We Can Learn From Beyoncé

Let’s be honest: we all wish – just a little – that we were Beyoncé. With her beautiful voice, bootylicious figure and super-fierce, sisters-together attitude, she’s sassy, soulful and – if her recent Formation tour outfits are anything to go by – seriously stylish.

You’re not married to Jay-Z and you don’t have 100 million record sales under your belt, but you can steal Bey’s style with a little help from MyBag. Ladies, get in formation and get ready for this jelly – you’ll be mistaken for Queen B in no time with these fashion-forward tips and tricks. 

Hats Are A Must


Image: BBC

If anyone can pull off an extreme wide-brimmed hat in the middle of summer, it’s Beyoncé. It’s not exactly tropical sunshine at the moment, so we think adding a felted fedora to a light cotton dress is the perfect look for the unpredictable weather – maybe downsize from B’s supersized number, and pick something a little smaller. Chin straps optional.

“I got beauty, I got class, I got style.”  – Beyoncé, Why Don’t You Love Me

Embellishments All Day


Image: Vogue

A woman who knows how to rock her sparkle, Beyoncé is no stranger to a bit of embellishment: we’re talking studs, sequins, glitter and feathers – the more, the merrier. If you don’t want to emulate a disco ball 24/7, try adding flashes of metallics to your outfit with statement accessories.

“We flawless, ladies. Tell ’em.” – Beyoncé, Flawless

White on White is the New Black


Image: Glamour 

A celebrity trend that we’re more than happy to jump on the bandwagon for, white-on-white is the hottest summer look of the season. If you’re partial to a bit of fake tan, don’t want to risk the head-to-toe Snow Queen vibe (or don’t have a host of backup dancers, à la Bey), go for white accessories instead.

“Been the number one diva in this game for a minute.” – Beyoncé, Diva

Accents of Lace


Image: People

Thought lace was just for Grandma’s curtains? Think again. Whilst an all-over lace bodysuit may be a tricky one to pull off in Waitrose – we’ve got no doubt that’s where Beyoncé does her shopping –  try wearing a lace bra underneath an oversized shirt for understated sexiness.

“I look damn good. I ain’t lost it.”  – Beyoncé, Jealous

Underwear as Outerwear


Image: Mirror

It’s a known fact that Queen B loves a bodysuit – frankly, if we had pins like hers, we’d probably wear one too. If you’re feeling edgy, try the underwear as outerwear trend – pair a corset with spray-on skinnies for cocktail chic, or a satin slip with skyscraper heels and a tailored duster coat for a twist on the little black dress.

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Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


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