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Fashion Fails We Probably All Made In Our Teens (And How To Update Them)

Fashion Fails We Probably All Made In Our Teens (And How To Update Them)
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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We like to think that - as professional twentysomethings - we’re pretty fashionable. We know which designers are hot right now, which trends to rock for each season, and which shapes work best for our body types – not that we’re bragging…

However, we weren’t always the cutting edge fashionistas that we are today (honest). Way back when, in the murky depths of our adolescence, we made a fair few fashion faux pas – but we’re willing to bet you made them too. From double denim to camo-print pedal pushers, we take a look at some of the fails we made in the noughties – and reveal how to bring these trends back into the twenty-first century…



Victoria Beckham Poncho

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Why didn’t our Mums stop us from wearing these? Why didn’t she sit us down and say, “darling, you look like you should be starring in a Western movie opposite Clint Eastwood”? We’re blaming her entirely for this one.

Ponchos are out, but kimonos and kaftans are in. Throw over jeans or summer dresses for boho chic.


Oversized Belts


The saying ‘less is more’ never really resonated with us back then, so we thought that enormous belts worn over tiny denim mini-skirts were a good look. It wasn’t.

Belts should be discreet and made from the highest quality materials – not circular metal plates covered in studs.



Every teenager looked like a waiter in the noughties, because we couldn’t get enough of waistcoats. With jeans. Over t-shirts. Open, over dresses. In short, worn in every way a waistcoat should never have been worn.

We thought waistcoats made us look sophisticated – but they really didn’t. These handbags will, though…


Double Denim

If our Mums were to blame for ponchos, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were responsible for our love of denim on denim. In our flares and denim shirt combo, we looked like a member of B*Witched until 2007. C’est la vie (see what we did there?!)

Rock double denim properly – pair black skinny jeans with a navy accessory.


Camo Cargo Shorts

Destiny's Child

Unless you’re in the military or Destiny’s Child circa 2001, camo cargo shorts are a no-go. As handy as they were with all those pockets, we’re banishing camo print to the back of our wardrobes ASAP.

Still crushing on camouflage? Just a touch from an edgy accessory is all you need.



Avril Lavigne Tie

Admit it: we all wanted to be Avril Lavigne in her Sk8er Boi music video, which is where our love for skinny ties worn with white vests began. Thankfully, our Dad found out we were stealing them from his wardrobe and forbid us from wearing them any more…

Replace you grunge with some glitz: swap a skinny tie for a statement necklace.


Fur Trimmed Jackets


Every girl in school had the same fur-trimmed puffa jacket hanging in her wardrobe, along with (if she was really fashionable) a longer-length denim jacket, also finished with a fur collar. Very Stay, by East Seventeen. We definitely thought furry = fashionable, but we’re starting to see that might not be the case…

Fluffy accessories are most certainly in, so inject some fun into your look with these key pieces.


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