The Statement Brand That Will Get You Noticed

We don’t do anything by halves here at MyBag. We like to be the center of attention, the most fashion-forward, the most cutting edge – and we’ve found the perfect brand to help us stand out… Introducing: Salar handbags

Meet Salar – the Italian handbag brand that we, frankly, cannot get enough of. Founded in 2010, eponymous Salar Milano is the brainchild of two creatives, who came together to fashion some seriously sassy designer handbags – so sassy, they’ve been featured in Vogue Italia. Si, grazie…

Salar handbags are not your run-of-the-mill, everyday classic – they’re breathtakingly beautiful, experimentally edgy and downright dramatic. Spotted on anyone who’s anyone at recent Fashion Weeks, Salar handbags are quickly becoming the statement staple that every wardrobe needs.

They’re quirky, and totally different from anything else you’ll already own. Adorned with fur, spikes, studs and bows, and made in all colours of the rainbow, Salar handbags are look-at-me fabulous – just like us, obviously…

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert