7 Most Iconic It-Bags of All Time

In 1975, Yves Saint Laurent noted that ‘fashions fade – style is eternal’. Whilst trends come and go, there’s a special place in our hearts for the classics – blue jeans, little black dresses, nude pumps and – most importantly – a timeless, traditional, designer handbag.

Throughout the years, designers have crafted beautiful, statement handbags that turn heads and get noticed for all the right reasons – only to have them fall by the wayside a few seasons later. It’s those it-bags that are the real gems – used every day, coveted through the decades, and passed down through generations of fashionistas, it-bags are iconic and a must for every woman.

We’ve got the definitive list of the top 7 it-bags of all time, which one are you lusting after?

1. The Mulberry Bayswater Bag

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The Mulberry brand is synonymous with beautiful British craftsmanship and supple leather, and both of these qualities are embodied in the design of the Bayswater Tote Bag. Deemed the most iconic bag from the Somerset-based designer, the Mulberry Bayswater is that perfect blend of casual and luxe – choose the buttery, caramel coloured tan leather tote for everyday glamour when paired with jeans and flats.

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2. The Chloe Paddington Bag


Cast your mind back to 2005. Tom Cruise has declared his love for Katie Holmes live on TV, Brad and Jen have split up, and Mariah Carey’s number one smash ‘We Belong Together’ was the song of the summer – but the most talked about event of the year was the release of the Chloe Paddington handbag.

Hailed as the ‘hardest bag to buy’ in 2005, the Chloe Paddington bag was an instant smash upon launch; with it’s soft, slouchy shape and statement padlock and key hardware, this bag is instantly recognisable and much loved. Today, the Chloe Paddington remains a firm favourite for bloggers and celebrities alike – we can see why the waiting list was so long!

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3. The Balenciaga City Bag


Dramatic, edgy and with an undeniable biker-chic vibe, the Balenciaga City Bag is a real look-at-me piece. Featuring tassels, studs, a detachable shoulder strap and a matching, leather framed mirror nestled inside (practical!), the Balenciaga City Bag is extremely popular amongst trendsetters the world over. It’s the little details that make the Balenciaga City Bag special – not just leather, but vintage lambskin; not just plain hardware, but aged, brass studding; and don’t forget those modern touches, like an interior phone compartment. We’ll take one in every colour…

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The Top Six It-Bags of 2019


The Top Six It-Bags of 2019

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2019-12-28 14:50:08By Emma Bowkett

4. The Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

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Audrey Hepburn’s go-to bag. The Louis Vuitton monogram is arguably one of the most recognisable brand logos of all time – the interlocking LV, cherry blossom and checker print are all trademarks of the French fashion house, and scream luxury.

It’s a close call as to which Louis Vuitton handbag made our list – the Neverfull Tote and Speedy Range are both brand icons, and both bags are equally beautiful and meticulously made. However, with vintage Speedy Bags selling for thousands of pounds, we opted for the latter; the classic zip-top shape, shoulder strap and top handle combo and fluid silhouette of the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag ensure this piece will never go out of style.

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5. The Lady Dior Bag


Refined, elegant and timeless, the Lady Dior Bag is truly fit for a Lady, a princess in fact as it was a firm favourite of Diana’s.

This bag is crafted by hand, with each piece of supple, lambskin leather embellished with the traditional Dior ‘Cannage’ stitching – a feature that is immediately noticeable as hailing from House of Dior. With a traditional, structured shape, metal hardware and DIOR bag charm, the Lady Dior Bag is so high-end it’s only available to buy from Dior boutiques – this is one exclusive purchase!

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6. The Hermes Birkin Bag


Frankly, it would go against the laws of fashion not to feature a Hermes handbag in the top three it-bags of all time. Vying for the top spot is the lusted-after Hermes Birkin bag – an icon in its own right.

With an unlimited waiting list, the Hermes Birkin bag was inspired by the French actress, singer and all-round icon Jane Birkin’s struggle to find a good bag for her travels. Each Hermes Birkin takes nearly 20 hours to make by hand, and Hermes will only use the finest leathers and most meticulous of craftspeople to form their bags; with prices reaching over $100,000 for vintage, animal skin styles, the Hermes Birkin is one of the most expensive, desirable and craved pieces in fashion history.

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7. The Chanel Classic Flap Bag


It’s a close call, but we think the title of most iconic it-bag has to go to the Chanel Classic Flap Bag – the ultimate in revolutionary handbags, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag has graced wardrobes since its creation in 1955, when Coco Chanel made fashion history and changed the face of designer accessories forever.

With the ostentatious interlocking CC hardware, quilted leather and a gold-and-leather woven chain, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag is just that – a classic. Walking into a room with this on your shoulder will instantly get you noticed, and it’s certainly an investment piece – Chanel increase their prices every year, meaning your purchase will only increase in value and hold their worth.

Only available in Chanel boutiques and with limited numbers made each year, you may have to spend some time on a waiting list to get your hands on one; however, we think it’s most certainly worth it to own a style legacy!

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Lily Shepherd

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