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Tips and Tricks for Black Friday | No, it’s Never Too Early

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert2 years ago
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The big day is nearly here, are you ready? The fashion hunger games have rolled back around and in between saying our prayers for people that work in retail, we’re getting into ready to secure our wishlist. Black Friday is coming around quickly and those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So it's time to start thinking ahead, to help you prepare, here are our top tips and tricks for Black Friday.

Black Friday

#1 Mentally prepare

By this we mean, start thinking about before the day. The beginning of November is always a good time to start mentally preparing, as we are all aware of the cost of living crisis, and are looking after our pennies. So think ahead, and don't overspend before Black Friday throughout the month. You will no doubt find it at a better price through Cyber week and you might be one of the unlucky ones where your payday falls after the weekend. Make a mental note of things you want to get, who you are buying for and certain retailers that you want to shop off and make sure you have budgeted for it.

#2 No time for hoarding

The emptier the wardrobe, the easier it is to justify something new…

Before planning for Black Friday, take a look at what you own. You don't want to duplicate and don't want a quick fix that you will end up not liking. We are all about investing in those pieces that you will love and last forever. Why not donate your clothes to charity, there are so many who would love your donations over the Christmas period. 

Or, if you think they are a little worse for wear, recycle them. H&M have a great scheme where you can take your bags of unwanted clothing in return for a £5 voucher. If some of your clothes are still some of your favourites but you feel you no longer reach for them in the wardrobe, sell them on Vinted or Depop. This way it makes parting with them easier and you get a little money in the bank to buy something new. 

Advice for reselling clothes on these platforms, be patient with the postal services and let the sales build up in your account before you withdraw your funds, then you will feel a bigger difference.


#3 Make a wishlist

To avoid frantic shopping, it's always best to have a plan. Sit down and think about those items you've been eyeing up for a while.

If you haven’t already added 1094750 items like us, you can now build a wishlist on MyBag by clicking the Save to Wishlist button, and it sure will come in handy when that 9 am Black Friday panic kicks in.  Consider what you’re lusting after ahead of time and get an add-to-bag ready for the big day. 

#6 Queue Jump

Don't run the risk of your favourite bag selling out. Sign up toour waitlist to get VIP access to all the launches, updates and offers!

#6 Follow our social 

Not only can you easily have access to everything that is going on throughout Black Friday, but there are always unique offers and competitions to get involved with across the MyBang social channels to click follow and subscribe to join the MyBag gang.

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Written by Holly Thompson

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert
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