The Definitive Ranking of the Sassiest Snapchat Filters

What did we do before Snapchat? (Probably spoke to our friends and family directly a lot more, but that’s beside the point.) Nowadays, no night out is complete without a puppy filter selfie or two, and our morning commute is brightened by face-swapping with the unsuspecting lady sat next to us on the bus.

If you’ve ever wondered which is the best Snapchat filter ever (who hasn’t?), we’ve ranked the sassiest looks from 7 to 1: taking into account selfie success, potential for groups and how much it makes us giggle. Take a peek below…

7. The Face Swap

Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian Face Swap Snapchat


We’re convinced that face swap never gets old, especially when done with your dog or a character on the TV. Selfie-wise, this is certainly not the filter for you, but it gets a solid 7/10 for group fun and hilarity value.

6. The Stretcher

Rita Ora Snapchat Stretch


We’re convinced this is the funniest Snapchat filter of the moment – even more so in video form (trust us on this one.) Probably not a Instagram-worthy selfie, but we use this filter more frequently than we probably should…

5. The Flower Crown

Khloe Kardashian Flower Crown Snapchat


Ever wondered what you’d look like if you went to Coachella? The flower crown filter reveals all. We love the smoothing effect the filter has on our skin (bye-bye, imperfections) and now we can rock the look with our friends, too.

4. The Golden Butterfly Halo

Paris Hilton Butterfly Halo


The golden butterfly halo gives you a facelift, spray tan and airbrush all in one, making it one of our favourite filters for a pre-cocktails selfie. If only we could look like this all the time…

3. The Pretty Filter

Kim Kardashian Pretty Filter Snapchatg


If you’re on the hunt for a more au naturel look, the pretty filter is for you. With all the benefits of the golden butterfly halo without the actual butterflies, this is the perfect choice for selfies galore. (Hands up if you use this filter for taking all your pictures now? Guilty.)


2. The Puppy

Demi  Lovato Dog Filter Snapchat


If you’ve never used the puppy filter before, you’re probably not doing Snapchat right. Whilst it does create numerous arguments amongst friends as who should be the brown dog and who’s the Dalmatian, there’s a reason this filter has stood the test of Snapchat time.


1. The MyBag Filter

MyBag Filter

Some would say we’re biased, but we think our recent filter for our Manchester-based blogger event blows all the others out of the water. Why not follow us on Snapchat and take a peek at what MyBag HQ gets up to?

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Images courtesy of Snapchat

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