Marc Jacobs Snapshot vs Softshot | What’s The Difference?

Taking over your insta feed, Marc Jacobs Snapshots and Softshots are everywhere as the new it-bag on every influencer’s arm.  As one of the most customisable and versatile designer bags we’ve seen in a while, we’re huge fans, constantly planning what colour or strap we want next. But what is the difference between the Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag and the newer Softshot? Here to help you make the decision, here’s a breakdown of the Marc Jacobs Snapshot vs the Softshot. 

marc jacobs snapshot


#1 Snapshot vs Softshot : Size 

The most obvious difference between the two styles is the size. Softshots are bigger than Snapshots.  

The Softshots measure in at H: 13cm x W: 21cm x D: 8cm, meaning there’s plenty of room to fit in your phone, purse, keys and any other essentials or a notepad. On the other hand, the Snapshots sit at H: 11cm x W: 18cm x D: 6cm, so are a slightly tighter fit but will definitely still house your must-haves. 

Both bags are made up of two compartments so they’re perfect for keeping your essentials organised and to hand. They also both have a cardholder within the interior and a hidden pocket on the back for keeping things secure to your body or holding a little compact mirror.  

#2 Snapshot vs Softshot: Material 

The hint is in the name, the Softshot is made of pebble-textured calfskin leather which is a lot suppler than the glossy crossgrain leather used for the Snapshot. In short, that means that the Snapshot holds it’s box shape as the leather is rigid, whereas the Snapshot is a lot more mouldable and loose, helping it feel bigger as it had a bit more movement and give. 

A big difference in the material is that the Snapshot has a glossy finish, whereas the Softshot is matte and textured. So the decision between the two totally dependent on your style, the Snapshot is slightly more of a statement piece with a luxe finish, whereas the Softshot is more understated and minimalist. 

However, the Softshot also comes in a statement quilted style if you’re after the size and material of the Softshot with the same glossy, bold finish as the Snapshot. 

Marc Jacobs quilted softshot


#3 Snapshot vs Softshot: Strap 

A major difference in the Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag vs Softshot bag competition is the strap. One of the key features of the Snapshot is the statement strap made of webbing material. Chunky and bold, the straps on the Snapshots come in statement colours and patterns of a huge variety. They’re easily changed, and you can buy mix and match straps of almost every pattern you can imagine to customise the bag to your style. Easily adjustable, you can also change the length of the strap if you want it to go over your shoulder or sit cross-body.  You can also now get Snapshots with a top handle for more ways to wear the bag. 

In contrast, the strap on the Softshot is made up of the same leather as the bag and is far thinner for a more minimalist look. Adjustable via the gold-hardware buckles, the length of the strap on the Softshot can’t be changed as must as the Snapshot but sits at a comfortable cross body length.  

The strap on both bags is attached via a statement gold clasps, meaning that both are customisable and easily changed for the other patterns, colours or even the change straps that Marc Jacob’s offer.  

#5 Snapshot vs Softshot: Colour 

A major draw to the style, the Marc Jacobs Snapshots and Softshots both come in a huge range of colours, meaning there’s one for every style and every outfit.  

The original Snapshots come in multicolour ways with different parts of the bag being made up of different tonal hues. But if you’re after an easily styled bag, you can also get the Snapshot in all-over colour 

The Softshots largely come in more muted tones like whites, black and greys. They also come in a fan-favourite bold red or a powder blue if you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of colourful bags. But if you’re a colour fan, the Snapshot is the one from you. Coming in metallics, rainbows, polka dots and almost every colourway under the sun, the range of styles in the Snapshot is huge and constantly growing. 


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#6 Still undecided, here are some styling suggestions we love:

Marc Jacobs Snapshot


Go matchy matchy like Laura Blair by opting for a Snapshot in your most worn colour.

Marc Jacobs Snapshot black


For easy styling, we love the all-black Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag. The perfect companion for every outfit, we love Georgia White‘s 90s grunge-inspired look.

Marc Jacobs Softshot


Making a case for the Softshot, we love how Chloe Plumstead styles her neutral bag with clashing prints. Serious style envy over here.

Marc Jacobs pink snapshot


On team colour, Tara Maynard is making us want to add to our collection with a pink addition.


Written by Lucy Harbron

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Sarah Atkinson

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