5 Reasons Why Kate Spade Bags Are So Popular

Our go-to brand for quirky bags for all occasions, Kate Spade New York is a brand you can rely on to bring a touch of fun to your day-to-day.

Combining trending colours and unique styles with classic silhouettes and traditional shapes, Kate Spade bags are beloved for being sturdy and reliable while also having a little something extra. Seen on the arm of everyone from your favourite influencers to Kate Middleton, Kate Spade handbags have been growing in popularity since the brand started way back in the 1990s. But why are Kate Spade bags so popular? We’ve got 5 good reasons for you.  

Kate Spade New York


1) How Kate Spade started 

One of the main reasons why Kate Spade New York is so popular is the brand’s simple beginnings, being the product of a woman and her dreams. After working at various shops and fashion magazines, Kate Spade was frustrated by the lack of practical yet stylish bags, saying ’I wanted a functional bag that was sophisticated and had some style’. So, in 1991, she took the leap and quit her job to begin her own accessories brand with her husband Andy. A lot of the most iconic Kate Spade New York bags, like the swan logo and classic tote, were released in their first line and been a staple ever since.  

Building an empire from their home, Kate and Andy Spade did everything from designing to marketing for their first collections, building the company as a passion project, being a major reason why people love to support the brand. 

2) Their practical designs 

Being designed after Kate Spade’s desire for stylishly practical bags, Kate Spade New York bags are the perfect, reliable everyday bags. With the majority of the range being made from high-quality leather, it means that the Kate Spade bags can get wet without your work notes being ruined. They’re also really secure, with their tote bags being designed with zip tops to keep your things safe, making them an ideal city commute bag.

With such a varied range, Kate Spade handbags are so popular, as you really can find the right bag for any need or occasion, from secure totes to stylish handle handbags, letting you pick a stylish and practical Kate Spade bag to suit your life.

3) The signature Kate Spade style

Part of the reason why Kate Spade is so popular is the fun, friendly vibe of their brand. Being girly but not too girly, infused with bold colours, patterns and cool-girl energy, Kate Spade bags and purses stand out from the rest with their unique designs. We’re big fans of their bold gingham print and inclusion of vibrant seasonal colours. Reflecting their fun brand values, and in memory of Kate Spade’s unique personal style, Kate Spade New York bags are sure to turn some heads and get you some compliments. 

4) They fit your laptop (aka. The holy grail of work bags) 

Laptop, notepad, charger, lunch, phone, purse: finding a work bag to fit it all and look cute feels impossible. A dirty canvas tote won’t cut it anymore, you deserve to level up. Kate Spade understood the struggle of finding the right work bag and created their beloved, classic leather tote bags that are big enough to fit your laptop and work essentials without looking bulky. Staying sleek and stylish while keeping your work laptop safe and protected, the Kate Spade tote bags are a must-have for us, lasting forever and never weighing us down.  

kate spade work bag


5) They look amazing! 

A favourite brand of influencers and celebrities alike, with such a broad range that goes from simple basics to bold designs, there’s a Kate Spade New York bag to suit any and every style. Whether you opt for minimalist or maximalist fits, styling your Kate Spade handbag is easy with their optimistic, fun, feminine finish. Here are some of our favourite examples of how to style a Kate Spade bag. 


Doubling down on the colour, we’re obsessed with Megan’s matching gingham and all-out vintage style. Pairing a top-handle bag with a classic a-line skirt and knee highs creates a dreamy 60s look with a bright, modern twist.

Kate Spade


Classically feminine, Sophie’s girly style is to die for. Pairing a bold red dress with a pale, cool-toned bag stops the look from becoming OTT. A neutral bag is also a perfect go-to that will match everything and add an extra dimension to any look.



Taking inspo from Jane Birkin, Yaminah’s basket bag gives us all the cool, French girl vibes. The ultimate accessory for low-maintenance vintage style, we love this shape of  Kate Spade bag.


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