Your Guide To Coach Bags | Style Guide, Care and History

When we’re looking for a classic, buy-now-wear-forever bag, Coach immediately springs to mind.

Coach AW Campaign

After launching way back in the 1940s, the New York fashion house has expanded into a full ready-to-wear line but is beloved for their timeless bags and accessories. With one of the broadest ranges out there, Coach has a bag for every need and every style, from trending mini bags to commuter-friendly totes, being the perfect all-day everyday companion.

So to answer all of your burning questions like; How should I clean my coach bag? Where are they made? And which Coach bag is the most popular? Here is our guide to Coach…

#1 Are Coach bags leather?

Obviously, this answer depends on the style of the bag. But yes, the majority of Coach bags are made of premium leather. The brand’s origins are in leather goods, initially branding themselves as the Original American House of Leather focused on making beautiful yet practical pieces. So when you get a leather Coach bag, you know you’re getting a high-quality piece that is crafted to last a lifetime. They’re also committing to making their leather bags more sustainable, promising that 90% of their leather will be sourced from Silver- and Gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries by 2025.

As well as leather, a lot of Coach bags are made of coated canvas, which is where the woven canvas material is coated in wax or resin to make it waterproof and protected. This is the material they use for their Signature print.

Coach Tabby

#2 How to clean Coach handbags

How to clean coated canvas:

Coated canvas is really easily cleaned due to its protective coating. When you notice any marks;

  1. Start by giving your bag a wipe over with a dry cloth to remove any loose dirt or dust.
  2. For a deeper clean, place a gentle fabric detergent or soap into some lukewarm water, then use a cloth to clean the exterior gently. 
  3. Leave it to fully air dry but avoid leaving the bag in direct sunlight.

How to clean leather bags:

Leather is skin so needs its own skincare routine. To keep your bag looking pristine, try to give it a deep clean every 3 months, but protect it from day one. 

To protect your bag, get yourself a leather protection spray and give the bag a thorough spray over on day one. This will help create a seal over the leather to protect against staining or damage from sun or watermarks. Also, consider using a dust bag or makeup bag to keep your things in, this will help prevent any stains on the lining.

For a deep all-over clean:

  1. Start with the interior and use a gentle, dye-free fabric cleaner in warm water. Wipe the inner lining in small circles to get a lather. 
  2. Move to the exterior. If you don’t have a specific leather cleanser, use the same formula as for the interior. Wipe this gentle across the whole bag.
  3. For any metal hardware, you can use a surface polish on a small cloth to give these details a clean and shine.
  4. Leave your bag to fully air dry.
  5. Twice a year, give your bag a deep condition with a specific leather conditioner. This is also good to use directly on any little scratches or scuffs on the surface to prevent peeling or cracking.

#3 What is the most popular Coach handbag?

With so many different styles, there’s no singular answer to this. Whether you’re after a bag to carry all your essentials, see you through a city break, or simply fit your phone and purse for an evening out, Coach have a bag for you. Here are some of their most popular styles.

  • Coach Saddle Bag

The Coach saddle bags have been changed season to season but remain a firm favourite. The Coach Hutton Saddle Bag is among one of the favourite and carried by Taylor Swift, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emma Roberts and more, the Coach saddle bag is a great daily bag, giving you plenty of room for all your essentials. 

  • Charlie Carryall

If you’re looking for a Mary Poppins bag that will fit the kitchen sink, take a look at the Charlie, a chic Coach tote bag. Coming in a couple of different sizes up to the Charlie 40 Carryall, this is the bag for you if you’re looking to splash out on your forever work bag that will easily fit your laptop, book, purse and more.

Coach Tabby


A relatively new style to the brand, the Coach Tabby bag has become an instant classic. Whether you prefer a shoulder bag, cross-body or top handle bag, the Tabby comes in a range of shapes and styles to suit, with each one being just as chic and easily dressed up from day-to-night. Not too small that it won’t fit your essentials, but not too big that it would look out of place in a bar, the Tabby is a perfect medium.

  • Coach Hobo Bag

Hand bag hanging on a wall

If your style is a bit more bohemian or 70s inspired, the Coach Hobo bag is a great choice if you’re looking to invest in quality day-to-day, casual bag. A similar size to the Charlie Carryall, but with a more relaxed exterior, our Coach Hobo is the bag we grab for a shopping day. Luxury quality but looks low maintenance and chill, this is a favourite of ours.

#4 Where are Coach bags made?

Due to the demand for the brand, Coach bags are no longer made in New York. Instead, they’re crafted by specialists in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines, with the production embossed into the inner label. For limited edition runs or special custom creations, these bags are still made in their HQ workshop. 

Coach jewellery is made in China and Coach belts are made in India.

#5 Who wears Coach bags?

Coach Tabby Pillow


Coach bags have been a firm favourite in celebrities’ collections for years. Ambassadors for the brand have included Selena Gomez and actresses Jemima Kirk from Girls and Yara Shahidi from Grown-ish. Jennifer Lopez is the face of the brand, regularly seen with a Tabby under her arm. Coach bags have also been seen on the arm of top models as an off-duty go-to, as well as other celebs like Lana Del Rey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande and Emma Watson. 


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