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The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Buyer’s Guide

Holly Thompson
Writer and expert1 year ago
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One of the most humble but iconic handbags of all time is the trusty tote bag. Understated and practical, there is always a space in our wardrobe for a tote bag. But, Marc Jacobs undoubtedly has upped the fashion status of this classic style and revolutionised what was deemed possibly a sensible option to an ultra-luxury must-have bag. 

Whether it's the beige XL style seen on our favourite influencers for their holiday bag or the mini tote that has become essential for hybrid working - they are the IT bag! Stepping into the Marc Jacobs tote world, here is everything you need to know about fabrication options, sizes and the new styles for this season. 
Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

About Marc Jacobs 

Marc Jacobs is the eclectic, New York fashion designer that launched his brand in 1984 with what became an iconic grunge collection. In 1997 Marc Jacobs was appointed the creative director of Louis Vuitton, where he collaborated with icons such as Stephen Sprouse, Richard Prince, and Takashi Murakami. There have been many memorable launches from the Marc Jacobs fashion house such as Daisy in 2007 but non have quite exceeded expectations the way the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag did. Launching in 2019, it sold 100k in the first year and has been a firm favourite in the fashion world since. 

The Tote Bag Family

There are six sizes in the Marc Jacobs Tote Family. Starting with the smallest Marc Jacobs Tote size to the biggest,  The Mirco Tote 
  • 7inches L x 4inches D x 6inches H
  • 18cm L x 10cm D x 15cm H
  • Strap Drop 23inches (48cm)
  • Handle Drop 3inches (9cm)
The Mini Tote
  • 10.2 inches L x 5 inches D x 8.2 inches H 
  • 26cm L x 12.5 D x 21 cm H 
  • Strap Drop 27 inches (69cm) 
  • Handle Drop 4 inches (11cm)  
The Medium Tote
  • 12 inches L x 6 inches D x 16 inches H
  • 30cm L x 14cm D x 42cm H
  • Strap Drop 27 inches (69cm)
  • Handle Drop 5 inches (12cm)
The Large Tote 
  • 17 inches L x 6 inches D x 13inches H
  • 42cm L x 16cm D x 34cm H
  • Handle Drop 9 inches (25cm)
The XL Tote 
  • 21.5 inches L x 7.8 inches D x 16.7 inches H
  • 55 cm L x 20cm D x 42.5ch H
  • Handle Drop 9.8inches (25cm)
The Functional Tote 
  • 13 inches L x 6.5 inches D x 14.5 inches H
  • 33cm L x 17cm D x 36cm H
  • Strap Length: 144 cm (Fully extended)
  • This has a water bottle slot on both sides and can hold a laptop case (can hold 13" laptop)


The Marc Jacobs tote comes in a variety of fabrications,
  • Canvas (Cotton) 
  • Canvas (Cotton) with leather binding 
  • Leather 
  • Nylon 
Marc Jacobs Tote

The Splattered Collection 

This season's inspiration came from a pair of jeans, splattered in paint. Taking cues from Jackson Pollock, known for his allover painting, the inspiration came from artists such as Donald Judd, Dan Flavin and Anish Kapoor. The result is a colourful and bold creative where the art and design of the collection can inspire your whole look. 

There are 3 colourways -

  • Black Mutli - A  black bag with white and grey splatters.
  • Brown Rice Multi - A cream bag covered with light blue and white splatters with a sparse few darker splatters to contrast.
  • Eclipse Mutli- A dark blue, denim colour tote which orange and green splatters and an orange logo on the front.

This season you will see the leather tote bag coming in 4 new colours, 3 bright options and cement. The logo is more contrasted and the inside lining has an alternative colour to give it a colour pop inside.

The Marc Jacobs Mesh Tote

This is the updated signature Tote Bag from Marc Jacobs in a mesh fabric, perfect for summer. Recognised for its bold colourways, it comes in neon green, orange, pink, blue and orange. If you want to stick to what you know it comes in black too. The mesh tote is transparent with the classic The Tote Bag central on the front. It does come with a canvas strap and handles so you can wear your bag in various ways.

The Marc Jacobs Monogram Tote

A team favourite, the Marc Jacobs Monogram tote is the new member of the family you will have no doubt seen trending at the moment. Coming in a range of smaller sizes, this is the perfect tote bag for smarter and more casual occasions. It comes in a firm canvas fabric giving you a structured bag in a cream and black combo.

The Marc Jacobs Leather Tote

The leather tote bag is a really great bag if you are looking for a work or everyday bag. It's a durable and stylish finish which provides a smarter and more polished look. Depending on your personal style you can choose from a range of really rich colour schemes. The orange option has been very popular this season, perfect for sunny weather and holiday dressing.

If you want a closer look at the quality of these bags, watch our YouTube video that talks through the fabrications.

How to Clean a Marc Jacobs Tote Bag? 

If you are wanting to maintain your tote bag aesthetic, caring for it and keeping it clean is key. If you have one of the canvas Marc Jacobs totes, you’ll want a small bristle brush and either some fabric detergent or fairy up liquid. Mixing it with water, make a soapy solution. Use the brunch to work in a circular motion and lift out unwanted dirt or dark marks. If your tote is leather, it is generally an easier fabric to clean so, you can wipe it down with a cloth or baby wipe to keep it fresh. 

What can you fit in the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag?

Looking at the different sizes of the Marc Jacobs totes, what you will be using them for plays a big part in the decision-making. So, we packed each tote bag up for different days out for summer. Starting with the Large Marc Jacobs Tote bag, which we packed up for a day at the beach, here's what we comfortably fit inside,

  • Cap
  • Reading book
  • Purse
  • Waterbottle
  • Towel
  • Phone
  • Airpods

In the Medim Marc Jacobs Tote bag, we packed everything we needed for a day at the office,

  • Waterbottle
  • Laptop
  • Notepad
  • Purse
  • Airpods
  • Phone
  • Handcream
  • Snacks

In the Mini Marc Jacobs Tote bag, we packed everything we needed for a day of shopping,

  • Sunglasses
  • Phone
  • Make up
  • Handcream
  • Purse
  • Airpods
  • Car Keys

Please note these bags were not overfilled and there was still plenty of room for more essentials. Check out our YouTube channel to get more of a feel for the size differences.


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Holly Thompson
Writer and expert
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