Why are Vivienne Westwood bags so popular?

Vivienne Westwood has been a mainstay in our jewellery collection for decades however it is currently having a huge moment. With the raising popularity of the Vivienne Westwood heart bags to the statement pearl necklace, the iconic Vivienne Westwood emblem is been proudly worn across the board. 

Musicians to influencers, our own MyBag team to the star-studded invite list who attended her recent funeral. Vivienne Westwood has a hugely diverse fan following. Looking at why Vivienne Westwood bags are so popular, we start with the designer herself…  

vivienne westwood bags

Why is Vivienne Westwood so popular?

Labelled the Queen of Punk Vivienne Westwood has been at the forefront of British fashion for over five decades. Married to the manager of the Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren in the seventies, the duo opened a boutique in London Chelsea called Sex. In 1981, Westwood and McLaren debuted a collection on a runway titled ‘Pirates’ which was recognised for its liberation of the popular constricting silhouettes at the time. 

Moving away from McLaren she dominated the fashion world, pioneering masculine shapes and then moving on to upper-class influences in the 80s. Through the 90’s the rise of supermodels saw her aesthetic shift again, with memorable moments such as Kate Moss in Marie Antoinette face paint, walking the runway topless and eating ice cream. 

vivienne westwood bags

It’s not only her fashion stance that has kept Vivienne Westwood so relevant. She used her collections and runways as a political platform for environmental and social activism. Something that was very ahead of its time, her focus shifted from fashion to sustainability with iconic moments such as the “climate revolution” banner at the end of her Spring / Summer 13 show. Also the show turned protest in 2016 where the models held signs stating “Fracking is a crime” and “Austerity is a crime” as they walked the runway. 

Most Popular Vivienne Westwood Bags? 

With Vivienne Westwood trending we reflected on her incredible life with her funeral earlier this year. We wanted to take a closer look at what pieces people are going crazy for, starting with the Vivienne Westwood heart-shaped bag. 

#1 Vivienne Westwood Heart Bag 

Novelty-shaped bags have been noted as a key trend for this season. Many brands introduced quirky animal-shaped bags well as food-inspired designs, but the one that is standing out is the heart-shaped handbag. There are a number of heart bags in the collection such as the Louise. This is a vegan leather bag with a firmer silhouette. It’s a cross-body bag but it has a wide design so it’s got a chunky appearance and gives you plenty of pocket space. You can get it in a few different sizes and colours, with the tartan being the ultimate statement this season. This style is recognisable for its emblem hardware on the front of the bag. 

Combining two of their most popular bags, there is also a Vivienne Westwood heart ganny frame bag called the Belle frame heart bag. Made from faux leather it gives a modern edge to a traditional handbag with the chrome-style giving us main character energy. 

#2 Vivienne Westwood Granny Bag 

The Vivienne Westwood Ganny Bags are a must-have for any wardrobe. Coming in a wide range of designs from bubblegum pink to floral prints these small but mighty bags make a real statement. They are made from firm vegan leather and have a classic metal frame and clasp fastening. These are small in size but you can fit the essentials however it’s not large enough for a large iPhone. 

#3 Vivienne Westwood Bucket Bag 

The Vivienne Westwood Daisy bag is a bucket bag style taken up a notch. The drawstring fastening not only adds a design feature but also is more practical for keeping your belongings inside. It comes with a handle and a cross-body strap which you can adjust and a range of different styles. From tartan print to croc-effect to patent leather, this is a key style that is trending right now. 

#4 Vivienne Westwood Cindy Cylinder Cloque Bag

With Y2K styles on the rise, no one quite get’s it like Vivienne Westwood. With shoulder bags and 90’s baguettes back in our wardrobes, the cindy cylinder bag is the ultimate bag to go to. Its round pencil case shape gives you a lot of space for a shoulder bag which is practical for any occasion. In true Vivienne, Westwood style comes in bright prints or alternative fabrics such as mesh. 

vivienne westwood bags


Vivienne Westwood Pearl Necklace 

The Vivienne Westwood pearl accessories have gained a cult following. With the pearl shocker seen across our social feeds, this is the perfect investment for a traditional but modern accessory. Depending on how many strings of pearls you opt for, will determine how much of a statement you want to make. There are smaller subtle pearls with a delicate emblem or the 3 row pearl necklace which have seen the likes of Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner wear. 


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Who is Vivienne Westwood? | Designer, Activist & Gen Z Favourite

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