The Best 90s Style Shoulder Bags

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Well, it’s fair to say we have all become slightly obsessed with 90’s nostalgia – especially 90’s fashion! The baggy jeans, the claw clips, the bucket hats and let us not forget all the platform shoes we have been buying. But there is no argument when it comes to which one is the cutest that completes every single outfit in our wardrobe… the 90’s style shoulder bag

Why do we love 90’s fashion so much? Well, it was the first completely informal era for fashion. The 60s, ’70s and 80’s trends were tailored and fitted with shoulder pads and trousers. The 90s was THE breakaway era for fashion freedom. The influence from hip hop MTV music videos and films such as ‘clueless’ inspired a new era of cute but with attitude. The denim jackets, doc martens and grunge look, inspired by bands such as Nirvana and Oasis changed our complete attitude to everyday casual.

Influencer wearing the Coach Tabby


All sounds very familiar doesn’t it well that’s because all of those trends are now comfortably sitting in your wardrobe and we are all for it. There is no argument that the 90’s style shoulder bag is a necessity for every occasion; hitting the city or planning a day out, these bags are the finishing touch! Keeping it cool casual and ultra-feminine. 

Our Favourite Looks; 

Soft Fabrics 

These are the ultimate retro vibe in the cutest angular shapes. In a range of materials such as canvas and nylon, these bags are transitional for every outfit. With brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade and Guess giving us that cool girl vibe of Kat Stanford in 10 Things I hate about you, these are the 90’s goers. 


These simplistic, clean-cut styles are the reinvented 90’s shoulder bag. Blending contemporary, modern-day Scandinavian style with the playful mini size look from the era. With brands such as Coach and Dense Lante leading the way, these are the ultimate little numbers for day, night, work or fun! 

Influencer wearing a 90s style shoulder bag


Logo Style 

The OOT branded pieces are back with a bang, this is the ultimate trend that highlights the fashion cycle. Instead of giving us naff knock off vibes, these shoulder bags are the ultimate cool-girl luxe and these guess bags are giving us life!

Glitz Glamour 

These are the styles that are putting a smile on our face, nostalgia boost ups! The glitz, flashy but chic shoulder bags that you can’t keep your eye off. The latest collection from Alexander Wang instantly makes you want to paint the town red. 


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Holly Thompson

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