MyBag Loves | 6 Female Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

If this last year has taught us one thing, it’s that Instagram is filled to the brim with powerhouse female content creators and independent businesses – and we love to see it.

Female Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

@famidaz on Instagram

An incredibly important outlet for bloggers, creators and artists alike; the social media platform is bustling with exciting and innovative creators that are just waiting to be discovered and earn our double-taps.

Fancy filling your feed with the coolest gals who are redefining the illustration and art world? Look no further. MyBag sat down with 6 of our favourite female illustrators to chat all things illustration, top tips and, of course, cute bags…

Female Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

#1 @lilywindsorwalker

An explosion of abstract prints and bold beautiful colours, Lily’s love of art stemmed from her childhood where she was consistently encouraged to explore her creativity. Surrounded by art, Lily usually spends her days working on freelance projects at her studio or designing at her desk in her beautiful home.

1. What do you get up to when you’re not working?

Outsourcing vintage and second-hand clothes for my Depop shop “Loved By Lily”! I absolutely love snooping around car boot sales and charity shops, giving a second life to things that would otherwise go to landfill.

2. What’s important to you?


3. If you could play us 3 songs today, what would they be?

Oh No – Biig Piig
Femme Fatale – The Velvet Underground
good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Female Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

#2 @luciapapsart

Colourful, playful and full of joy; Lucia’s artwork is heavily inspired by nature and incorporates the most vibrant and vivid colours. As well as creating content for her social channels, Lucia places importance on daily journaling and is a strong advocate for positive mindsets and manifestations. Lucia Paps Art is consistently snapping her surroundings for inspiration, which she incorporates beautifully within her mood-boosting artworks.

1. What’s important to you?

Equality, sustainability and female empowerment! I am a huge advocate for hoping to inspire other women to set up their small businesses.

2. What bag are you currently rocking?

Núnoo! I just love the brand’s diverse community and commitment to sustainability – I make sure that my materials for packaging my orders for my art business are always either re-purposed, recyclable and or biodegradable!

3. What does the perfect day off look like?

Exploring! Jumping on a train into central London with my friend, maybe grab some brunch and visit Tate Modern or the Saatchi Gallery…

Female Illustrators

#3 @riverbluedesigns

Surrounded by art and nature from a young age, River’s particular love for illustration came from whimsical children’s picture books. Growing up in the countryside naturally weaves itself into River’s bright and illustrative artwork, as well as her time spent travelling around India.

1. What’s something that you value?

Family and friends are so important for your well-being. I also value my own space and having the time to create joyful & bright designs that reflect the wonder of the natural world.

2. If you could play us 3 songs today, what would they be?

Some Things Cosmic – Angel Olsen
Great – IDLES
Oblivion – Grimes

3. What is something that inspires you?

Natural spaces and the outdoors are very important to me. No matter what mood I’m in, going outside always brightens my day!

Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

#4 @amyisla

Naive and playful, Amyisla’s illustration often gathers inspiration from folktales and her characters are often stemmed from sketches of passers-by. Surrounded by books, musical instruments and poetry from a young age; Amyisla’s art is wonderfully unique and often incorporates notions of sustainability, body image and the environment.

1. What’s important to you?

Being in nature, running, wild swimming and getting creative! Illustration often has the power to tell a story or a message that may be hard to understand, and I love that.

2. What does the perfect day off look like?

An outside party in the summer with my closest friends and family. Eating tasty food, dancing to live music and jumping in the river to cool off!

3. How would you best describe your style of art?

Playful! I love colour and creating textures and I often work with collage to add depth. I like to start with lots of sketching and painting, drawing fruits and flowers and just experimenting.

Female artists

#5 @famidaz

Growing up, Famida would often write and illustrate her own fairy storybooks. Her love of art feels natural, and a lot of her work acts as a visual diary – often romanticizing the mundane and celebrating the everyday.

1. How would you best describe your style of art?

Colourful, nostalgic and playful. I think it can also look somewhat childish!

2. If you could play us 3 songs today, what would they be?

Humming – Turnover
PDLIF – Bon Iver
Bluebird – Beach House

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

It involves a lot of herbal tea, going on walks for inspiration, a lot of drawing and of course, spending time with my cat Kobi.

Female Artists To Follow On Instagram

#6 @phamiegracedesign

Inspired by a love of nature, art has always been Phamie’s therapy. Be it snakes, floral patterns or ditsy fruits; Phamie’s work is inspired by the symmetry found in the natural world and features undertones of nature throughout.

1. What’s something you love?

The outdoors is always my go-to if I’m feeling a bit down or stressed, it calms me.

2. What’s important to you?

I have been a vegan for 4 years and I’m always trying to find ways to improve the impact I leave on the environment positively.

3. What does the perfect day off look like?

Relaxing with herbal tea & keeping creative in ways that aren’t traditional design to give myself a break, like crochet or cooking!

This artist spotlight was created in collaboration with Núnoo, a brand high on the MyBag radar. The brainchild of Danish sisters Pia Silfren-Jenson and Naja Silfren, Núnoo’s slouchy bags and designs encompass their effortlessly cool-girl style.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for the brand as they’re committed to making their bags as ethical as possible. All the leather used for their bags is leftover and no real fur is ever used by the brand. Núnoo also donates to several global projects including providing financial support to an orphanage and education in India!


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Words by Ciara Martin. Images courtesy of the artists.

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