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About Love Moschino | Love Moschino vs Moschino

Holly Thompson
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Women wearing love moschino bag standing on the escalators

This is one for every fellow handbag addict out there who adores a super feminine style. Paired up with blue jeans or a little evening dress the collection from Love Moschino continues to spritz up any outfit.

Known for its quirky embellishments and iconic detailing, Love Moschino has cemented itself as a leader within the world of handbags for its character and individuality. Bringing you confidence and style, these bags are the type of purchase you never second guess.

#1 Who is Love Moschino?

Love Moschino is the playful, chic sibling to the renowned Italian fashion house Moschino. Founded originally in 1983 by Franco Moschino, the Moschino brand has become notorious for pushing the boundaries with Jeremy Scott's rebellious collections and surreal pop-cultural references.

Franco Moschino Front Cover Campaign
@Dazed Franco Moschino for Moschino Campaign

In 2008 the brand launched Love Moschino; a vibrant collection for men, women, and kids. Love Moschino still holds the Moschino values, creativity, and identity but sparks joy and spirit to a younger audience. Adding 'Love' a worldwide word, to the brand brought empathy and feeling with the message that it is for everyone.

#2 Where are they made and what are they made from?

All of Love Moschino bags are made in Italy and the collection includes both vegan and leather pieces.

The brand has always been recognised for acknowledging the environmental impact of fashion which when Franco Moschino first incorporated those values in the mid-nineties he was very much ahead of his time. Since then the brand has launched collections such as ‘Cardboard Couture' in 2017, inspired by upcycling cardboard packaging, bringing awareness to the ongoing sustainable conversation.

#3 Love Moschino bags?

The Love Moschino collection includes many styles from shoulder bags, handbags, tote, and shopping bags to clutch bags and wallets. Each bag is made to the highest standard of Italian craftsmanship with the creative flair and aesthetic of the brand. Their extravagant designs have reinvented what we knew as casual and informal with iconic features such as pop art prints, hearts, golden chains, maxi lettering, and bright colors.

Love Moschino bag with love heart embroidery

#4 What is the difference between Love Moschino and Moschino?

The difference between Love Moschino and Moschino is that Love Moschino's designs are more playful and daring, described by many as 'cheeky'. The brand is as aspirational as the fashion house but at a more accessible price. Love Moschino targets a younger audience but with the same style and character as Moschino.

#5 How to pronounce Moschino correctly?

There is often confusion surrounding the pronunciation of Moschino but Moschino is Italian and is pronounced “Mos-ki-no”.


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Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @Dazed Franco Moschino for Moschino Campaign

Holly Thompson
Writer and expert
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