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Accessories For Your Star Sign | MyBag Recommendations

Holly Thompson
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Whenever you catch a snippet on your star sign in a magazine or a post on Instagram giving you a forecast for the month or a scary analysis of your personality you can’t help but draw similarities. So, is it possible that our style is subconsciously shaped by the planet that we are linked to?

Who is to know for certain but one thing is for sure that when it comes to your birthday month everyone likes to be spoilt, and if you’re one of those that sends around a list of ideas then this blog is going to be right up your street. Take a look at which A-listers you share your birthday month with and get some accessory inspiration to match your star sign, with expertly curated options that make the perfect treat.

Cancer ‘Ride or Die Peoples’

Actress photographed on the red carpet
image by Kevin Mazur via

June 21 - July 22 Ruled by the moon you are a passionate, creative, secretive person who is intuitive and caring. You are ruled by your heart which makes you loyal and sympathetic. Your style is classic, timeless and elegant with clean lines and key pieces that you wear season after season.

Leo ‘Girl Bosses’

Actress photographed on the red carpet
©Steve Granitz

July 23 - August 22 You are a spirited fire sign and you do not shy away from the spotlight, you are a natural leader and know your own mind. You enjoy cultivating friendships, romances and luxury things. You aren’t afraid to try new things with your style and you don’t buy into fad trends. You very much know what you like and don’t back out of a statement piece.

Virgo ‘Perfection Artists’

Actress photographed on the red carpet
Photo: Vogue -

August 23 - September 22 You are a logical, practical, systematic thinker - the type of person you need in a crisis. You are kind and hardworking and notice the little details. Your style is always clean, often tailored silhouettes you like certain colour palettes with a grown-up finish. Extremely lady-like.

Libra ‘Slick Ricks’

Actress photographed on the red carpet
image by Frazer Harrison via

September 23 - October 22 You are the peacekeepers who are masters of compromise. You are charming, well balanced, generous socialisers. Your style is often darker colour tones but with quirky, modern twists such as detailing and lush fabrics. You add a little bit of edge to everyday looks.

Scorpio ‘Private Powers’

Actress photographed on the red carpet
image by Kevin Granitz via

October 23 - November 21 You are deep, emotional people who are driven and determined for success. You are brave, natural leaders with passion and power. With your style you can often be a creature of habit, when you like something you stick to it, you like fine details often pinned back, timeless silhouettes but super feminine.

Sagittarius ‘Fun Not Fake Policy’

Actress photographed at vanity fair oscars
image by Steve Granitz via

November 22- December 21 Optimistic, free lovers, who are funny and spontaneous and are always up for a good time. You are true conversationalists and make a great friend, which is why you so many friends. Your style is unfussy, colourful and feminine - polished not prim.

Capricorn ‘Hustle Bunnies’

Actress photographed in a Dior dress on the red carpet
image by Steve Granitz via

December 22 - January 19 You are the ultimate workers, driven and ambitious. You don’t mind the hustle and are ready to give it what it takes to reach your goal. You like to evolve your style, so you might see it change over the years but it is often smart, classic shapes and colours with a sense of sophisticated cosiness.

Aquarius 'Stylish Do-Gooders'

Actress photographed on the red carpet
Image by Steve Granitz via
January 20 – February 18

Aquarius are very intelligent, innovative, and kind. They do their own thing and don’t like to be held back. They are friendly and enjoy making friends with all types of person but care about privacy. Ruled by the planet of innovation their style is experimental and don't shy away from bold prints.

Pisces ‘Complex Creatives’

Actress in pink dress photographed at actor awards
image by Steve Granitz via

February 19 - March 20 You are often very in touch with your emotions and empathetic of others. You are creative and have strong imaginations which are shown in your interests and hobbies. Your style is often very self-expressive with a whimsical, free-spirited aura.

Aries - ‘Straight Talking Type’

Singer photographed on red carpet in long black gown
Image by Steve Granitz via

March 21 - April 19 A fellow fire sign you are uncomplicated and direct in your approach. You are a cheerful, happy person who has relentless determination. Your style is street-style cool, you like understated accessories but can easily turn it up a notch for any occasion.

Taurus ‘Work Hard Play Hard’

Singer in a white dress photographed on the red carpet
image by Frazer Harrison via

April 20 - May 20 Hardworking, dedicated, often stubborn characters who value honesty above anything else. You like consistency and stability in your life but enjoy the luxury things. Your style is fashion-forward and daring you don't mind a statement piece.

Gemini ‘Master of Self Expression’

Actress photographed on the red carpet
Image by PA Photo's via

May 21 - June 20 You are social butterflies, playful and quick-witted. You love dinner parties, dance floors and are curious about others. You like to take risks with your style, always on trend and do not mind pulling out a show stopper.


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Written by Holly Thompson

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Holly Thompson
Writer and expert
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