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Style Lessons To Learn From Julia Roberts’ Notting Hill Outfits

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert3 years ago
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We all secretly love a romcom, and the 90s classics do it best. From 10 Things I Hate About You to When Harry Met Sally, I don’t think we’ll ever tire on these stories. But we also never tire of their style as the 90s cycle back into our trends again making us reach for mini shoulder bags and grunge-inspired accessories. A firm favourite of ours; Notting Hill. The ultimate love story to make you want to wander around bookshops until you find your soulmate, Julia Robert’s style in this film is amazing. A beloved reference for our day-to-day dressing, Julia Roberts Anna is a style icon. Here are the lessons we learnt from Julia Roberts Notting Hill outfits. 

#1 The perfect shades are a must 

notting hill outfits

If there’s one thing Julia Roberts Notting Hill outfits taught us for certain, it’s that the right sunglasses work wonders. Anna’s simple cat-eye shades are her most recognisable and iconic accessory, perfectly framing her face without being too big. With their classic black frame, Julia Roberts sunnies merge glamour and grunge for the ultimate 90s cool-girl vibe. Shades like these never go out of type so we’ll be investing, making sure to find the shape best suited to our face shape. 

#2 Leather blazers are a thing 

You’ve seen them on Bella Hadid and her model friends, but Julia Roberts invented the style. Sometimes a classic biker leather jacket can look too boxy or heavy, so if you prefer sleeker silhouettes, a leather blazer or trench coat style is a perfect option. Styled to perfection with 90s details and simple jeans or a black silk dress, Anna knew how to let hero items do the talking in an outfit. 

#3 Simple, but layered 

If you’ve watched Notting Hill as many times as we have (which is a lot), you’ll notice that Anna is the queen of simple yet effective jewellery. From tiny hoops to anklets, Julia Roberts’ outfits in Notting Hill are a masterclass in how to add little details to a look for a flawless finish. Layering up simple necklaces and getting playful with your jewellery is a great way to add something a little extra to a casual day-to-day look, and infuse it with a touch of 90s styling. Whether you opt for gold, silver or even rose-gold, keep your chains simple with little charms. Or to double down on the 90s influence, beaded necklaces with pops of colour or pearl are the new must-have accessory for throwback goodness.  

#4 Little black bag 

notting hill leather jacket

 On a midnight stroll with Hugh Grant, there no accessory more romantic than Anna’s sleek black mini bag. When it comes to her bags, Julia Robert’ outfits keep it simple, sticking to black options in leather or silk to match everything. Shoulder bags were the shape of choice for the 90s and early 00s as we see Julia wandering around Notting Hill with her bag tucked neatly under her arm. When buying luxury or making your first designer purchases, it’s easy to go OTT and want to opt for something in your face, but Julia Roberts’ Anna makes a solid case for downplayed accessories. Whether you’re out on a casual walk, going on a cinema date, or fleeing the paparazzi, a simple black bag is going to look equal parts nonchalant and glam, finishing off an outfit to perfection.  

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#5 Buy the beret 

You might think you don’t suit it, but you don’t. Might think it looks weird, but it doesn’t. Might have a nightmare trying to style it with your hair, but it’s worth it. Buy the beret, trust us. Is there any accessory as universally chic as a simple black beret? We think not, looking at pictures of all of our French fashion icons for inspiration, and now adding Julia Roberts to that list. Styled with sunniessimple mini hoop earrings and a casual outfit, a beret takes Anna’s look from basic to Parisian cool in one quick addition.  


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Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert
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