MyBag Man: Failsafe Gifts For Her (Guaranteed to Get You Brownie Points)

Christmas shopping is, admittedly, not the easiest task in the world – especially when you’ve got a wife, girlfriend or significant other to impress. Luckily, MyBag are here to help you earn some serious brownie points with the other half – as we’ve got the low-down on what to buy your loved one this festive period…


The Safe Options

We say ‘safe’, but really these gifts are classic, timeless, and traditional – a sure-fire win underneath the Christmas tree. Black is the obvious colour to choose when picking something dependable, but experiment(ish) with tans, nudes and browns instead.


The Icons

The type of bag she’ll have pointed out in a magazine, or on a fashion blog, or out shopping – but you’ve promptly forgotten what it looks like. These bags are real fashion icons that everyone loves, so you categorically can’t go wrong. You’re welcome.



The OMG Brands

If she’s a lover of big-name brands, she’ll be lusting after some of these seriously luxurious designer accessories – and they don’t get more designer than these. You’ll be considered a real fashionista after treating her to these…



The Risks (That’ll Pay Off, Duh)

Maybe sequins and sparkles aren’t your thing*, but they’re probably hers. Perfect for the NYE/Christmas party season, these are the quirky and crazy pieces she’s been eyeing up all year. (*If sequins and sparkles are you thing, we’re officially jealous of your fashion sense.)



The Jewellery She’ll Actually Want

Buying jewellery is risky business – it can be quite a personal choice that, misjudged, can cause many an argument come Christmas morning. (Eek.) Before plumping for jewellery, ask yourself – does she wear silver or gold more often? Does she like simple or embellished pieces? Does she have pierced ears? – and you’ll be just fine.


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Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


Lover of statement accessories, scented candles, anything pink and a little bit of sparkle. A Southern girl in Manchester, when I’m not drooling over designer handbags I can be found fashion blogging, or exploring my new Northern home. My signature look? A nude lip and a very flamboyant pair of shoes.