The Cambridge Satchel Company Size Guide

If you’re considering buying a satchel by The Cambridge Satchel Company, make sure you know which size is best for you. With a bag for any occasion, made of high-quality genuine leather, there’s a lot of options. So to help you make the best decision and find the right size for your needs, take a look at our handy size guide below!

Cambridge satchel company

The 11 Inch Satchel

The Cambridge Satchel Company 11 inch Satchels are perfect if you’re in need of a small bag to carry everyday essentials like your phone, notepad, purse and other small items.  The 11 inch Cambridge Satchels are great for travelling or taking on a city break as you can keep your essentials buckled up and safe.

The 13 Inch Satchel

If you’re looking for a school or college bag, the Cambridge Satchel Company 13 inch Satchel could be just right for you. The 13 inch Cambridge Satchel will fit small notepads and leave you room for stationery.  An iPad will also fit beautifully in your new 13 inch Cambridge Satchel.

The 14 Inch Satchel

But if you need a little more room for A4 folders and notepads, opt for a 14 inch Cambridge Satchel. After the leather has been broken in, it will also fit in a 13 inch laptop with a soft case.

The 15 Inch Satchel

If you need to carry a laptop, the 15 inch Cambridge Satchel is the one for you! It can easily fit in a 13 inch MacBook Pro with a soft case with plenty of room for a charger. With either working buckles or magnetic poppers, satchels are perfect for keeping your possessions safe when you’re travelling or are in a busy place.

The Mini Satchel

A dinky, pint-sized version of the iconic satchel, the Mini Satchel is the ideal size for keys, lipstick and a small wallet for an evening out. It’s also available in a range of beautiful jewel shades – a perfect way to inject a pop of colour into your look.

The Tiny Satchel

The baby of the Cambridge Satchel collection is the Tiny Satchel, measuring a super cute 7 inches across. Small but secure, this style is ideal for gigs and nights out.


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The Portrait Backpack

Vintage styling, super cute and even more practical, the portrait backpack offers something a little different to the Cambridge Satchel Company range. Perfect for carrying around books or a laptop, this is a seriously stylish option for school or work.

The Small Portrait Backpack

A smaller, even cuter version of the Portrait Backpack, this is the perfect size for shopping or running errands. 3.5 inches in depth and 10 inches tall means that the Small Portrait Backpack will fit a purse, phone and keys, as well as any other bits and bobs needed throughout the day.

The mini Poppy Bag

Cambridge Satchel Company’s take on an evening bag, the mini poppy is chic and sleek. Inspired by the traditional doctor’s bag and featuring a push-lock closure, this bag is timeless. Perfect for day to night essentials, with a depth of 7.5cm the mini poppy has plenty of room for your phone, purse and portable charger.

The Cloud Bag

With scalloped edges, a top-handle and available in a range of flirtatious, colourful shades, the Cloud bag is one of the quirkiest of Cambridge Satchel Company’s offerings. Roughly the same size as the 11-inch satchel, the Cloud bag is the perfect transitional piece from day- to night-time.

The Push Lock Bag

A larger version of its miniature counterpart, the Push Lock Cross Body Bag is slightly smaller than the 11-inch satchel, measuring just under 10 inches in width. In a range of colours, this minimalist bag features a push-lock closure and strap for ease of use.


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