MyBag’s Christmas Gift Guide: What To Buy The Difficult People In Your Life

December: a time for cheer, generosity, and joy to all men. That is, once you’ve decided what to buy everyone for Christmas…

Christmas shopping is a daunting task, especially for those awkward and difficult recipients who are impossible to buy for. Luckily, MyBag is here to help – we’ve got the definitive guide on what to buy those troublesome family members, friends and acquaintances. Just call us Santa…


Your Mum (Who Insists She Doesn’t Want Anything, Just A Nice Card)

Mum Christmas

Every year, your mother tells you she just wants a nice card for Christmas. Every year, you know full well that if you just got her a nice card, you’d not be allowed any turkey. As she’s refusing to give you any indication of what she’d like under the tree, stick with the classics, from brands she’ll already love: think Aspinal of London, Paul Smith, and Ted Baker, in traditional styles and muted colours. (And don’t forget the card.)

Your Dad Who “Just Wants To Spend Time With You”


Your Dad would just like to see you a bit more often, which, given your hectic social and work lives, is understandable. Treat him to a beautiful piece of luggage or a travel satchel,  so he can pop up and visit any time he wants. Or, you know, once every few months.

You Reveal The Worst Gifts You’ve Ever Been Given (And They’re Pretty Awful)


You Reveal The Worst Gifts You’ve Ever Been Given (And They’re Pretty Awful)

“My step-dad once gifted me with a brick. Seriously.”

2016-12-07 17:27:42By Lily Shepherd

Your Best Friend Who Has Everything Already


Your best friend has a wardrobe to die for, and you’re constantly raiding her accessories drawer – which is fab 99.9% of the time, but a real pain when it comes to gift-giving. Give her something she probably won’t have – we’re talking quirky, fun, and bright pops of colour that stand out and scream unique.


Your Sort-Of Not-Quite Boyfriend


You’ve not had THE TALK, but you have decided to get each other Christmas gifts. You’ve been hinting pretty heavily about that designer handbag, so in return, treat your significant other (ish) to something on-trend yet classic. A safe bet is always a watch: go for traditional metals or leathers when picking styles to avoid Christmas morning disappointment.

The 9 Stages of Your Office Christmas ’Do


The 9 Stages of Your Office Christmas ’Do

Arguably the highlight of the business calendar year, the works’ ’do is the hot topic of conversation for the weeks prior to- and post-Christmas. Whether you’re filled with excitement for the big night or planning on avoiding it like the plague, we’re fairly sure how the night will go...

2016-11-29 17:11:27By Lily Shepherd

Your Boss Who Expects A Fantastic Secret Santa Gift


Apparently the five pound budget for the office Secret Santa is out the window, and everyone is expecting great gifts – eek. Your boss has expensive taste and likes the finer things, so to get in their good books, earn serious brownie points with some luxury leather accessories. Teacher’s pet who?


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