Our Guide to the Best Backpacks

Ahh the backpack. Thanks to the influx of sport luxe into the fashion sphere over the past decade or so, the backpack has become the style insiders’ bag of choice, having as much practicality as the trusty tote and as much appeal as the glamorous clutch. The best bit about the backpack is there’s a style for every need and occasion – discover our guide to the backpack below to find out which one suits you best (or you know, buy them all, we won’t judge).

The Luxe Leather Backpack

Backpacks are no longer reserved for school bags or sheer practicality. Styles finished in smooth leather add a touch of luxury and high-fashion into the humble backpack, turning this into a bag that’s more runway than school hallway. Look for sleek styles for that extra dose of model-off-duty style.

The Tongue-In-Cheek Backpack

The backpack that takes on a life all of its own, the tongue-in-cheek backpack knows how to have fun with fashion and breathe personality into your bag. This is a statement-maker, a conversation-starter and one that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Grafea’s animal-inspired styles are your best bet this season.

The Great Outdoors Backpack

There are some backpacks that are built for the great outdoors. They’re tough, durable and come with lots of handy pockets and compartments. The best news is, you don’t actually have to go on a hike or anything to enjoy this backpack – they look just as good on the city streets too.

The Mini Backpack

Everything’s better in miniature size (well, most things) and that goes for backpacks too. The mini backpack is cute, it’s fun, it won’t weigh you down and it’ll give you some serious Clueless vibes. Move over Cher.

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