The MyBag Guide to the Mini Bag

There’s something irresistible about smaller versions of your favourite things – kittens, dolls houses, cocktail sausages. The same formula applies to handbags and after years of worshiping the tote, the mini bag revolution has us all questioning our accessory choices.

2017 is the year of the mini bag. Shoulders rejoiced as a literal weight was lifted and replaced with a pocket-sized pouch, just big enough to fit the daily essentials: iPhone, bank card, lipstick (keys were relegated to pockets). Postures improved, women announced their presence through the jingling of house keys, and Vestiaire Collective was inundated with LV Cabas.


Image Source: Layla Panam

It is no surprise then that the mini bag is here to stay for the Autumn/Winter season. From maximalist to micro, MyBag brings you the definitive guide to this year’s must-have accessory.


Nail that it-girl look with a small minimalist bag. This season your favourite styles have shrunk and if the prospect of owning a mini version of your favourite bag isn’t exciting enough, just think about how much more efficient you could be with a handbag free of clutter.


Can’t pick one mini bag? Layer all of your favourites at once. Forgo fashion’s rules of colour, texture and shape, mix and match until your heart’s content. Blue with black? Why not? Velvet and leopard print? Sure. Whilst you may end up inadvertently playing a game of bag roulette with your phone and keys, you’ll look more than stylish doing so.


Image Source: Tommy Ton


Your favourite 90s accessory is back. Tap into the trend and achieve the ultimate level of cool through hands-free living. Rediscover your pockets, learn sign language, ride a bike; the possibilities are endless with a mini backpack.


Dive into the mini trend with a seriously small micro bag. You may not be able to fit much in there but you’ll definitely look the part. If you are struggling to find room for your, we suggest adding a few more bags to your collection and trying out the maximalist look.


Image Source: Muse Ispiratrici

Inside a Tote

Admittedly, there are days when just the bare necessities just won’t do. Whilst mini bags give off the impression of a nonchalant, carefree lifestyle, they won’t fit your lunch, gym gear, and other miscellaneous must-haves. Wear your mini with a maxi, and when you have to run out for your lunch – leaving all non-essentials behind – you’ll at least have five minutes of it-girl chic.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert