Why Ted Baker Is ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’

Ted Baker is a name you ought to know…

The Ted Baker story began way back when in 1988, with an initial store opening in Glasgow – with King Street, Manchester and Nottingham following suit in quick succession. Soon, Ted Baker stores were popping up all over the world, with global fashionistas coveting the British-born label.

The Ted brand pride themselves on being ‘no ordinary designer label’ – suggesting they’re a little quirkier, a little bolder, and a little more exuberant than their rivals. We take a look back over Ted’s history to see just how out of the ordinary the brand may be…


So, Who’s Ted Baker?

Ted Baker


One may assume that the Ted Baker label is eponymous; that someplace somewhere, there’s a Mr Baker sketching designs into a notebook for each collection. Well, you’d be wrong – the Ted persona is entirely fictitious, but it lives and breathes through the fun-loving brand, transforming British style one shirt and handbag at a time.


Gimme, Gimme

Ted Baker

Here at MyBag, we love surprises – and Ted Baker do, too. Thinking outside the box, Ted Baker have given customers Paxo stuffing at Christmas, chocolate bunny hotpot over Easter and bespoke football cards in 2006 – just because. If that’s not extraordinary, we don’t know what is…

It’s In the Details

Ted Baker

Ted Baker handbags and accessories are something truly special, as they go above and beyond expectations. Not just designed to look pretty on the outside, but on the inside, too: Ted Baker accessories feature little fun touches that will thrill the wearer every time. Beautiful, jewel-toned linings, intricate crystallised detailing and embossed quotes can often be found in Ted Baker collections – just another way Ted Baker likes to excite and inspire their customers.

Word of Mouth



To celebrate the brands 30th anniversary in 2018, Ted Baker launched it’s first ever advertising campaign featuring it’s new wrap coat with a pair of pink glasses scribbled over the top of the image a playful Ted Baker fashion. The ads ran in print, online, social media and out-of-home locations, including executions on buses, taxis and the London Underground network.

Prior to the 30th anniversary, Ted relied on word of mouth marketing opting for ‘Teducation’ – as their means of promoting the brand, choosing to allow consumers to buy because they’ve heard positive things, not because of the advertising they had seen. The Ted Baker campaigns are always whimsical and full of fun, most recently featuring garden vegetables in their shoots. We’ve certainly fallen Ted over heels for the brand already…


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