MyBag Man: How To Get Noticed By Street Style Photographers At LFW:M

London Fashion Week: Men’s has officially begun – who’s excited?

Here at MyBag, rather than focussing on the shows, we’re (admittedly) a little obsessed with street style photography. We’re frequently scouring the web for our next dose of style inspo straight from the streets of Fashion Week – who needs the catwalk?

With street style playing such a huge part in fashion these days, it’s a real thrill to catch a photographer’s eye at LFW:M – and we’re secretly wishing we’d get papped…

Always fancied yourself as the next David Gandy? Certain you’d make a rather dapper addition to the street style pages of Vogue? (Us too.) It can be tricky to get yourself noticed at Fashion Week – so if you’re heading to the capital for London Fashion Week Men’s, we’ve got some tips to ensure all eyes are on you…

Colours Are Key

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The easiest way to stand out? A pop of colour. Even if it’s just the addition of a bright scarf against a dark coat, or a pair of patterned socks peeking out from the top of Oxfords – a flash of colour will certainly make a photographer look twice.

Don’t Go Overboard

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The streets of Fashion Week are notorious for attention-seekers – so make sure you’re not one of them. The telltale signs? Awkward outfits that were clearly bought to make a statement. If you wouldn’t wear your outfit in reality, photographers will be able to tell from your stance and steer clear.

Quirky Works

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As men’s fashion can sometimes be considered fairly safe and traditional, quirky characters are often noticed first on the streets. Don’t go too far, but embrace any style quirks you’ve already got – and show them off to the photographer.

Trends Aren’t For Everyone

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Just because a trend is everywhere doesn’t mean you should follow it. In fact, steering clear of fads and fashion phases can actually work in your favour – individual style is so much more interesting than the norm.

Details Are Everything

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Photographers will often focus on smaller parts of outfits, rather than the whole thing – so make sure your details are on point. We’re talking tie pins, cufflinks, socks, pocket squares, watches, hats, earrings – whatever small accessories you can find which make your look a little more exciting.


If you’re heading to the capital for London Fashion Week: Men’s – and hope to get papped – you’ll need some stand-out, high-quality accessories. Check out our favourites below…

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