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How To: Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Olivia Seed
Editor6 years ago
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Our respect goes out to sunglasses - shading and protecting your eyes from the UV rays but effortlessly contributing to an outfit in a multitude of ways. Sunglasses have become a staple piece of everyone's summer wardrobe; characterising and finishing off a look. As mentioned in our Sunglasses Style Guide, this accessory can define your style and overall look more than most other fashion items.  Pairing sunglasses with an outfit doesn't tend to be an issue, but finding and understanding what style best suits your face can be a more troublesome process.

Every face shape is different – fact! Finding the right shape for your face can prove a difficult shopping trip when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Thankfully the MyBag team have devised recommendations, focusing on four different general face shapes: Round, Oval, Heart-Shaped and Square.

So whether it is the flashing camera or the beaming sun rays that you need protecting from, MyBag have an extensive range of summer sunglasses so you can do it in style.




Generally, an oval face holds a narrower chin in comparison to the forehead, meaning there are many complimentary options for this face shape. This face shape tends to be drawn to rectangular frames to align their horizontal orientation with their vertical. However, upswept styles can also be flattering for high cheek bones and strong facial features.

You lucky women, the cat-eye is for you! Be daring!



A soft circular face is perfect for horizontal, angular frames.  When the width and length of a face are almost equal, rectangular shapes are a winner for elongating features and offsetting contours. Geometric shapes are recommended to angle the face and can bring distinctiveness to your look. Whether your dressing up or down, you’ll be accessorising in style.



The heart shaped face usually boasts a narrower chin, broader forehead and a structured jawline to die for. With a broader brow, experts recommend frames with thin arms and exaggerated bottom frames. Lighter coloured frames or thinner frame structures can also be complimentary characteristics that will direct attention to the bottom half of your face; further elongating your look. Similarly, any sunglasses that are wider on the top than the bottom can also be useful for mirroring your face shape and accentuating features.



With an already angular face, the square face shape hosts strongly defined cheek bones and jawline. Such bold features can allow for more curver frames to soften features and distinctively capture a look. Round, oval, cat eye and butterfly are just some examples of styles that the square face can effortlessly pull off. Aviators are also a popular pick for the shapelier face.


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By Olivia Seed

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