5 Thoughts Everyone Has During a Heatwave

In true British fashion, all we can talk about today is the weather. However, not how dreary and grey it is outside – how blisteringly warm it has suddenly become…

It’s the 19th July, and we’re finally seeing some sunshine: it’s being reported that highs will reach 34C today, making it the hottest day of the year so far. It’s taken us a little by surprise – given the fairly bleak weather we’ve had up until now – so we’re somewhat under-prepared for these tropical temperatures.

If you’re soaking up the sunshine outdoors or holed up in an office, we’re certain that the weather has been the hot topic of conversation among your friends and colleagues. Whether you love or loathe the heat, we can guarantee you’ve had at least one of these thoughts today…

“I wish I wasn’t at work right now…”


It’s almost as if the sunshine knows it’s a work day – how unfair, right? However, make the most of the warm weather once you’re home and in the garden: after all, everybody knows 5pm is peak sunbathing time. Sort of.

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“Aaaaand I can’t see.”


When the sun gets low, it gets fairly tricky to see where we’re going. (We admit it: we’ve walked into people and/or lampposts more often than we’d like when blinded by the midday sun). If you’re soaking up the sunshine, make sure to take a pair of designer sunglasses with you to avoid any awkward collisions…

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“Why do I have no summer clothes?”


The problem with never really having a proper summer? Our lack of lightweight-yet-practical warm weather clothes. It’s probably frowned upon to wear a bikini to the office, so instead, stock up on kaftans and cover-ups that can be worn over vest-tops, or belted like a dress.

Make a statement with bold jewel tones.


“…black can be a summer colour. Right?”


You’ve suddenly realised that everything you own is black, and you’re not feeling particularly summery. Luckily, if you buy before 9pm, you can have a whole host of colourful accessories on your doorstep by the very next day!

Ditch the black in favour of a pop of colour this summer.

“Why has my makeup all moved off my face?”


Heat plus a carefully made up face? That can only equal disaster. Touching up your makeup on sweaty skin every five minutes can be a real chore – so invest in a statement, luxury cosmetics bag to make sure you’ve got everything to hand at once.

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Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd


Lover of statement accessories, scented candles, anything pink and a little bit of sparkle. A Southern girl in Manchester, when I’m not drooling over designer handbags I can be found fashion blogging, or exploring my new Northern home. My signature look? A nude lip and a very flamboyant pair of shoes.