National Handbag Day | How Many Handbags Do You Own?

Forget diamonds, handbags truly are a girl’s best friend, the finishing touch and a necessity for your everyday outfit handbags can take your outfit from a 9 to a perfect 10. From classic styles to the seasonal trends there’s nothing quite like the love a girl has for her handbag collection. This National Handbag Day we’re celebrating our handbag obsession by finding out a bit more about your handbag choices. From how much you spend on a new bag to what your go-to style is, the results are in on our National Handbag Day survey.

#1 When is National Handbag Day 2020?

National Handbag Day 2020 is on Saturday 10th October.

#2 Do you have a go-to style?

With a whole host of handbag options on offer, picking your new handbag is a tough decision. But not when you have a go-to style. We wanted to know what the most popular go-to style was and 53% of you agreed its the beautifully versatile cross body bag with backpacks coming in second with 16%.


#3 Which colour do you usually pick?

Depending on the colour scheme of your wardrobe, opting for a colourful handbag can really level up your outfit. We wanted to know if you had a go-to colour when it came to your handbag choices, and the results show that classic black remains in the top spot. With almost 39% of people agreeing that it depends on the handbag, giving us hope that colourful handbags still have a place in our wardrobes.



#4 Non-branded, designer handbags or both?

At almost an even split between designer and non branded handbags, the majority of people are opting for a nice mix of both with 47% of people agreeing they like to have a variety in their collections.


#5 How many handbags do you own?

It’s confirmed, we’re a nation of handbag lovers, with 52% of you owning between 4-10 handbags, and second place going to 22% of you who own 11-20.

#6 How many new handbags do you buy each year?

Is your handbag collection starting to take over or are you like the 35% of our survey respondents who treat themselves to one new handbag a year? We wanted to know how many handbags you add to your collection and the results showed that the majority of you are buying between 2-5 each year.

#7 What’s the most you have spent on a handbag?

Are you a self proclaimed bargain hunter or do you love to splurge? 17% of our survey respondents said they have spent £501 or more on a new handbag whereas a majority of 42% said between £50-150 is the most they have spent on a new handbag.



Written by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

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