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Questionable Fashion Trends We Rocked Thanks to The Hills

Questionable Fashion Trends We Rocked Thanks to The Hills
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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We don’t know about you, but the opening bars of Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten’ gives us all kinds of feels. If you weren’t hiding under a rock in the early noughties, you were probably a huge fan of The Hills - the reality show with a serious edge, which ran for four years before finishing in 2010 (although we’re firm believers it should have ended after Speidi’s wedding. Kristen Cavallari definitely should have stayed in Laguna).

August 2016 marked The Hills’ 10 year anniversary, with a special tell-all episode airing earlier this month, giving the old cast mates an opportunity to air each other’s dirty laundry (#shady). This one-off feature got us reminiscing about our favourite Los Angelenos – and, most importantly, how the iconic TV show helped to shape our teenage wardrobes. We had a serious style crush on Lauren Conrad way back when, and tried in vain to copy her look – with some admittedly questionable results. Some of our favourites (or, as we’d call them now, the worst offenders) included:

Alice Bands


SO. MANY. ALICE. BANDS. We're almost sure LC had shares in the headband industry, because there was rarely an episode where she didn't rock one.

Unfortunately for us (and Lauren's enormous stash), Alice bands aren't exactly cutting edge these days; instead, keep a pair of statement designer shades perched atop your head for a modern spin on headgear.

Pearl Necklaces


We were definitely guilty of buying strands of pearls (faux, obvs), looping them around our necks and knotting them for The-Hills-inspired chic. We want to forgive that, and forget that. ASAP.

If you think pearls say grandma rather than glam, opt for delicate jewellery instead; we love these pieces from Maria Francesca Pepe.

Baker Boy Hats


Obviously the must-have accessory for travelling, baker boy hats were the epitome of cool back then. (Honestly.) Lauren's khaki number - paired with her oversized waterfall cardigan and eye-wateringly bright suitcase - was a look coveted by many, but few could pull off.

Update Lauren's look with a wool beanie instead - pink suitcase optional.

Knitted Tank Tops


Way before Heidi turned into a walking-talking-living-breathing Barbie doll, she was a huge fan of knitted tank tops - a woollen cowl neck was the obvious choice for the L.A. heat. Duh.

If you want to rock the knitted look in summer, choose a lighter scarf instead - drape around your shoulders with denim shorts and a silk tee for European chic.



When your Alice bands are unavailable, a headscarf is the next best thing. Printed, patterned or plain, we had an embarrassingly large collection of bandanas and skinny scarves we'd wind around our heads at any given opportunity.

If looking like a nineties fortune teller isn't your bag, why not try a structured fedora or trilby  instead? Wear yours with an oversized shirt and skinnies for boho vibes.

Pedal Pushers


The natural accompaniment to your headscarf, pedal pushers should have been reserved for cyclists alone - however Lauren and the gang resolutely wore them, until that trend died a (timely) death.

The new shape to covet has to be the tapered peg-leg silhouette - perfect for lounging around the house, we're eyeing up these styles.

Denim Skirts


If you weren't a sucky person, you probably owned a denim mini (or ten), inspired by the antics of The Hills girls. We wore ours with a chunky waist belt and sheepskin booties - the definition of noughties fashion.

Inject some denim into your look - even if a jeans skirt isn't on the agenda - with these super-cute Grafea backpacks.

Vests Under Shirts


When you just couldn't decide what to wear, the only solution was a vest-and-shirt combo. The epitome of preppy, we're still kind of into this look today...

If you're going to rock a vest, it should be of the highest quality: choose beautifully made pieces that will last.



Our Mum's favourite night-out staple, shrugs were a huge hit way back when. Horribly unflattering on nearly everybody, wearing a shrug was almost as bad as Speidi's rumour. Almost.

Looking for a cover-up that actually looks stylish? Try a kimono instead - whether you're poolside or wearing one over jeans, kimonos are the most versatile piece you'll buy this season.

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