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5 Ways to Endure a Long-Haul Flight

5 Ways to Endure a Long-Haul Flight
Lily Shepherd
Editor8 years ago
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Here at MyBag, we love to travel. We’re constantly reading travel blogs - lusting over the sandy beaches, dramatic cityscapes and rustic countryside our planet has to offer – all the while planning our next trip away…

However, travelling isn’t all lounging by a pool and seeing the sights. The one aspect of the jetsetter lifestyle we’re not overly fond of? The time it takes to get there. Long-haul flights are the worst part of any holiday; spending nine hours confined to your seat is never our ideal way to spend an afternoon. Luckily, MyBag is here to help: if you’re heading somewhere exotic this summer, we’ve got 5 simple ways to make your long-haul flight just fly by…



Whether you’re flying at night or during the day, having a nap is the best way to halve your perceived travel time. Admittedly, snoozing in a seatbelt isn’t the comfiest, but there are some ways to make the most of your journey; pack an eye-mask in your carry-on, and, if you’re really in for the long-haul, a robe or blanket you can snuggle down in.  (Scratchy aeroplane blankets? No thanks.) A specialist pillow will prevent you getting a cricked neck, and it may be worth avoiding caffeine before boarding: embrace the early morning drowsiness!



We all want to look good at the airport – but feeling comfortable is key to a fuss-free flight. Leave your high heels and slightly-too-skinny jeans in the suitcase, and learn how to rock the luxe-casual trend: we’re talking buttery soft lounge pants, plush hoodies and cashmere t-shirts that will make you feel like you’re wearing pyjamas.


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Get Creative

You’ve got several hours ahead of you where you have no option but to sit and relax – so why not use the time to your advantage? Get creative; bring a journal and pen to make notes, sketch, write or doodle, and don’t forget your tablet. If there’s free on-board Wi-Fi, try planning an itinerary for your trip, download an e-book, research the area or download some apps that get you using your brain – try Colofy if you feel like making something pretty, or Elevate to make you think.



Can’t nap, but too tired to get started on a book? Before heading to the airport, make sure you’ve packed a music player or downloaded a host of albums onto your smartphone: take the opportunity to listen to all the new releases you’ve not managed to appreciate fully. Plus, feeling absorbed in a song passes the time all the more quickly!


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Beauty Prep

Whilst there are limitations on what beauty products you can take on board (find out more here), why not start your pamper routine in the air? Bring moisturising gloves so you’ve got silky-smooth skin for landing, an eye cream to conquer those under-eye bags and a face mist to keep you looking fresh. (Psst - just remember to keep everything in miniature, or under 100ml.)

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