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Top 7 Stocking Fillers for Men

Top 7 Stocking Fillers for Men
Olivia Seed
Editor5 years ago
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Gifting those little bits for men can be a tough job when they seem to have everything they need. Trying to gage what they would want and what they would use are two entirely different thought processes. So, for all those struggling girlfriends, wives, friends and sisters, MyBag has collated a concise list of the best stocking fillers for men this Christmas. From wallets to keyrings, caps to scarfs, here are the best men’s accessories and stocking fillers this season...


The ultimate accessory for men; a watch. Teamed with outfits to add sophistication and style, choose from different wristbands and colours for the perfect present…

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2. Wallet

An item every man needs. Whether he is a stylish guy or a man of practicality, there is a colour and style for every gentleman at MyBag...

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3. Hat

When heading outdoors, keeping your head toasty is essential. Invest wisely in a premium hat for lifetime value!

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4. Scarf

A quality scarf is sure to last the season through from winter into spring. Choose from colours and patterns of all kinds...

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5. Accessories

For the smart gentleman, some cufflinks might be the perfect present. For the stylish guy, a bangle or bracelet to accessorise an already well composed outfit. Or for the traveller, some quality luggage tags to remind them of you every time they’re away from home...

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6. Leather Accessories

Little leather goods are a great gift for those men who are extra tough to buy for. Quality leather will last a lifetime and be a thoughtful token to appreciate on Christmas day!

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7. Wash Bags

A quality wah bag can last a lifetime, perfect for those well deserved weekends away...

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By Olivia Seed

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